The Witcher 2 Troll Trouble Quest Walkthrough

Should you kill or Help the Drunk Troll in the Troll Trouble quest?

In The Witcher 2, the Troll Trouble quest will offer you a reward in exchange for killing the troll. After a little research, it is revealed that players have the option of either killing or helping him, which can yield two different results.

The Troll Trouble Quest notice explains that the Troll that guards the bridge makes it harder for villagers to cross it. The troll demands money and booze and terrorizes villagers. This made people complain and then put forward the request to kill him to get rid of the problem.

Where to find the Drunk Troll?

As you set off from Flotsam, you’ll find a Villager surrounded by three Nekkers. Defeat them to save the villager, which will prompt the cutscene. The villagers will inform you about the Troll who guards the bridge in this cutscene.

He will request that you talk to the village chief for more information about the troll and other related information. Go to the Lobiden Village in The Witcher 2 nearby and talk to the Chora, the village chief. He will explain that Troll is a good guard who was appointed to keep the bridge in check, but due to his new addiction to booze, he is mostly drunk and a nuisance.

The Chief will ask the Witcher to take care of this problem and, after negotiation, offer 200 credits for this task. Now, your next step is finding the Troll.

Go back to where you found the villager and jump down the bridge. Here, you’ll find the Troll sitting beside a bridge wall. Interact with him, and he’ll ask for booze. As you refuse, the fight will start. You’ll need to take his health down to half during this fight in The Witcher 2. Once you do, the cutscene will start, where you can either listen to or kill him.

Option A: Kill the Troll in The Witcher 2

After the first half, you’ll get the What’s with the heavy drinking? and Not good Enough options. If you wish to kill the Troll, select the Not good enough option, which will trigger the second part of the fight.

This part is similar to the first half as a basic fight with one difference of ranged attacks. If you get far from Troll, he will start throwing rocks. To avoid this, try to attack him by being near enough that the rock attack is not triggered.

Once done, you’ll collect some items and get some experience as a reward from Louis Marse, who put up the notice.

Option B: Help Troll and find Demitri

If you choose the What’s with the heavy drinking? Option, the fight will stop, and the Troll will tell you about the reason for his heavy drinking. He explains that his wife was killed by some people, which is why he drinks to drown the pain. He promises to stop drinking if the people who killed his wife are killed.

For this, you have to find out who killed her. First, you must go to the Tavern and find Zoltan in The Witcher 2. He’ll tell you a clue that whoever has killed a troll must have the head as a trophy. Another person in the cavern solidifies that the head is not used in alchemy, so it would probably be used as a trophy.

Now, search the Sendler’s house in Lobiden. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you he bought this from Demitri. With this info, go back to the tavern and find a man named Kambialla. After the conversation, he’ll start a fight.

You can avoid this fight if you succeed in using persuasion. If not, win over him, and he’ll reveal that Demitri is in the Graveyard.

Go to the Graveyard on the outskirts of Lobiden and trigger the conversation. Some players face a bug in The Witcher 2 Troll Trouble, in which Demitri doesn’t appear in the Graveyard. Don’t worry; you can find him at his hideout near the Lobiden.

This will end in a 3v1 fight. Defeat all of them. The best way is to take them to a more open area so you can run around easily. Once defeated, loot them of the following items:

  • Key to Bandit Hideout
  • Dimitri’s Letter of Safe Passage signed by Loredo
  • Thaler’s Report

Lastly, go back to the Troll and tell him what happened. He’ll keep his promise after hearing of the death of his wife’s killer. Don’t forget to get your reward by going to the Chief, Chorab, in The Witcher 2.

Should You Kill Or Help The Troll In Troll Trouble?

If you choose to kill the Troll, you can first collect items from the dead Troll, which are Troll Trophy, Cloth, Twine, Troll Skin, and Troll Tongue. Then, finish this quest at the Royal Castellen by talking to Louis Merse to get your reward of 125 Experience.

On the other hand, if you choose to help the Troll, you’ll get 100 or 200 credits, depending on your persuasion and some experience.

As both of these yield different results, no option is bad. But if you can’t decide, the suggestion in The Witcher 2 is to choose to help the Troll in Trouble. The reason is that the loot from Demitri is valuable for future endeavors, and with persuasion, you can get 200 credits as a bonus.

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