The Witcher 2: The Path To Vision Quest Walkthrough

Made the right choices to learn more about Sabrina in The Witcher 2 The Path to Vision.

The Path to Vision Quest in The Witcher 2 will start automatically after completing a certain objective for the Blood Curse quest. This quest involves you fighting several monsters like the Rotfiends, Harpies, Arachas, and Endregas.

This quest is not easy to complete, especially if you are playing on a higher difficulty. However, you can complete the Path to Vision quest if you follow the correct steps, and I will go through all the details in this guide.

Save the soldiers by killing the Rotfiends

Your first objective in this quest is to save the soldiers, as you will hear one of them yelling for Sabrina and charging into a fight with the Rotfiend. This creature can easily take out soldiers. You must save at least one soldier and eliminate all the bloodthirsty creatures in The Witcher 2.

There will be two outcomes of this fight. If you manage to keep one soldier alive, he will inform you that his task was to deliver some notes. He will also pay you some orens for completing this task.

You can take him back to Kaedweni camp and meet with another NPC character. He will be called Zyvik, and you can find him playing dice and poker at camp. You can inquire about the Visionary from him and then take your leave.

If you cannot save any soldiers in the Rotfiend fight, you must check each of these dead soldiers. One of them will have the Visionary notes and some Oren.

Find the Visionary’s house in The Witcher 2

Now, you must go to the Visionary’s house by following your earlier path. You can navigate through that area, but you will notice a house with candles outside after traveling for a while.

Before you make it to the house, some Harpies will attack you. The Visionary will be present outside his house, and he will tell you to move inside the space surrounded by the candles. This way, the Harpies will cease to attack you, and you can follow the bald man inside his house.

Speak to the Visionary

During your interaction, you will learn that he is the Visionary and will mention that the soldiers were to come bearing gifts. You can then give the Visionary the notes and some orens in The Witcher 2.

You can pay him half the amount and inquire about Sabrina Glevissig. The Visionary won’t be too happy about not receiving all the coins, but he will mention that he needs a faithful follower in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

You can make a donation, which will result in a different ending in this specific quest, so you can go with the other option to join his faith instead.

Go to Sabrina’s Shrine in The Witcher 2

The Visionary will then tell you to pass a test, requiring you to spend the night at the old chapel near Sabrina’s pupils. This place is somewhere near the Twin Lakes.

Moreover, the Visionary will give you a potion (Pot) Swallow to drink before you rest at the Shrine. This way, you will see different visions. When you wake up, you must tell the Visionary what you saw in those visions to complete the Path to Vision quest in The Witcher 2.

Remember that before you head out to complete these objectives, you must search the Visionary’s house, as you will find the Visionary Notes II and III there. You can read them and then make your way to the appointed location, which is situated in the northern direction from the Visionary’s house.

Along the way, you will encounter other monsters, such as the Endregas and the Arachas, near Sabrina’s Shrine. You can use Yrden to reinforce your defense and Igni to inflict fire attacks on these creatures.

After executing them, you must wait near the Shrine and meditate halfway between dusk and midnight. This step is essential if you don’t want to experience the Witcher 2 visionary bug.

You can simply select the option to perform the ritual and drink the potion. After that, a cutscene will play, and you will experience different visions. Once the visions end and you wake up, you must return to the Visionary in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Head back to speak with the Visionary

At the Visionary’s residence, he will inquire about the details of your vision. If you lie to him, the Path to Vision quest will not end well for you, so tell him the truth that you saw a giant chicken and some large mushrooms.

He will be happy to learn what you say and state that his herbs may have gone wrong. Then, the Visionary will allow you to inquire about Sabrina in the Witcher 2.

You can ask about the curse Sabrina left on King Hensell, and the Visionary will answer that since the King humiliated the sorceress and burned her at the stake. Sabrina’s last words were a curse for the King, and he died a painful and agonizing death.

There was a soldier who ended Sabrina’s life out of pity using a spear, and Geralt also questioned the Visionary if he knew anything about that spear. The Visionary will say that he has no clue, but in reality, the Spear of Destiny will be in Lorveth’s possession in The Witcher 2.

You must follow Lorveth’s path during your playthrough to obtain that specific spear. You can ask him more questions about Sabrina, and once your conversation with the Visionary ends, the Path to Vision Quest will be marked as complete in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

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