How To Complete The Nekker Contract In The Witcher 2

Destroy the Nekker nests, as they have been trouble for townspeople, and get your reward.

In Witcher 2, you will get the Nekker contract from the notice board in Flotsam. If you read the details in the notice, it only asks to remove Nekker’s nests but not how to do so. You can get this information in two ways.

Firstly, you can encounter a few Nekkers and defeat them to get the information to defeat them. Or you can get a specific book called Nekkers in the Mist. Go to the Flotsam: Nonhuman District and enter the building towards the north of the dwarven smithy.

Enter it to find a dwarf named Einar Gausel. Buy the book from him for 32 Orens, and you’ll learn that Grapeshot bombs destroy the Nekker nests.

How to get Grapeshot bombs in The Witcher 2

For Grapeshot bombs, go to Lobinden and look for a merchant named Cedric. His position mostly differs depending on the time you are playing the game. Generally, he is found inside the circle of houses by the river or on top of the Scout Tower, so make sure to check both places.

Once you find him, trade or buy the Grapeshot bombs and the formula. Both options are okay for this quest, but the latter, the formula, is a suggested option due to its better use. Grapeshot bombs are one-time uses, while the formula can be used to craft unlimited bombs as long as you have the two basic ingredients. Buy the formula from Cedric for 70 Orens or Money in The Witcher 2.

For crafting the Grapeshot bombs, you need the following two ingredients.

  1. Rebis x1
  2. Caelum x1

Both of these items are easy to find. Go into rest mode and select Alchemy. Then select the formula and craft a few Grapeshot bombs for further use.

Where to find the Nekker nests?

Now that you have the necessary Grapeshot bombs, the next step is finding the nests in The Witcher 2 Nekker Contract. Go towards the woods from the Flotsam town and towards the stream.

Beside it, you’ll find all four nests that must be destroyed. The Nekker Nests look like a mound of soil with a hole in the middle and the outside decorated with skulls. Although it has a distinct appearance, the forest can make it harder to spot them.

From the side you enter the forest, the first three are lined up one after another, making them easier to spot and destroy. The fourth Nekker nest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is harder to spot as it’s on the other side of the stream.

On the other side, go towards the end of the stream, where it turns into a pond, and a little distance away before the pond, you’ll find the last Nekker nest.

While putting down the bombs, don’t lose guard, as sometimes Nekker will attack you in hoards. Once destroyed, go back to the town and look for Louis Merse. He’ll give you the rewards of 150 Orens and 75 Experience for completing the Nekker contract in The Witcher 2.

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