Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Fish For Fletching Walkthrough

Exchange glowing fish for fletching in Rito Village.

Fish for Fletching is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that takes place in Rito Village of Hebra Mountains. Being a hero of Hyrule, you must help another warrior find some fish.

In this guide, we will help you acquire this quest and teach you to obtain the Glowing Fish Cave as easily as possible.

Talk to Bedoli in Rito Village

Fish for Fletching side quest can only be obtained after completing Tulin of Rito Village’s main quest. Once you have defeated Colgera and calmed the snowstorms, return to Rito Village by fast traveling to the Gatakis Shrine.

Go to the plateau above the armor shop in Rito Village. Here, you will find a female Rito warrior named Bedoli (-3654, 1763, 0214). She wants to make a dish for Rito’s children with a specific fish.

Talking to her will start the quest and add it to your journal.

Find and Collect Glowing Cave Fish

In this quest, you will help Bedoli in finding the 3x Glowing Cave Fish, and in exchange for that, he will give you 10x Arrows. If you have progressed a lot in the game, you might already have Glowing Cave Fish in your inventory.

If not, you can easily find one by looking at caves and wells found throughout the map. The caves don’t have any lakes, but instead, the fish will be found inside the puddles of water.

The Glowing Cave Fish is not rare and can easily be found in the Hyrule region. Still, if you are having trouble finding the fish, you can make your way to the Mabe Village Ruins located southeast of Lookout Landing.

Once you have reached the town, head to the center to find the well. You can then jump into the well, which has very shallow water. From there, you can find a lot of Glowing Cave Fish that are purple in appearance.

You only need three, so it’s up to you to gather them all. Glowing Cave Fishes can also be found in other locations, including the West Lake Totori Cave and the Snowfield Stable Well.

Once you have three Glowing Cave Fish in your inventory, you can return to Rito Village and hand them over to Bedoli. This will complete the Fish for Fletching side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

In exchange for the fish, Bedoli will give you 10x Arrows. After getting the fish, she will demand two more items.

These items are Brightcaps and Chillfin Trout. They are needed to cook the village kids’ favorite meals. For each item brought back to Bedoli, she will give you 10x Arrows, and she will give you them every time you do that.

This means you can exchange Glowing Cave Fish, Brightcaps, or Chillfin Trout over and over for an infinite number of arrows if you are running low on cash.

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