Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Fish For Fletching Walkthrough

Chances are that you already have a Glowing Cave fish to complete Fish For Fletching in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If not, here's how.

Rito Village has several side quests to complete in Tears of the Kingdom, one of which is called Fish for Fletching. Here, you have to help out Bedoli (another NPC) by finding a Glowing Cave Fish.

Using the fish, Bedoli will cook a meal for the Rito Children. Catching the fish is not difficult but you definitely need to get your feet wet.

How to start Fish for Fletching in Zelda: TotK

Begin by making your way to Rito Village. Once there, head towards the Wooden Bridge and then to the top of the hill where you will find an NPC Bedoli. Speak with him to start the quest.

Fish For Fletching quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

Similar to most of the other side quests in the area, you have to have completed Tulin of Rito Village as a prerequisite to unlock Fish for Fletching. It’s part of the storyline, so you will start the story quest automatically.

How to complete Fish for Fletching in Zelda: TotK

In this quest, you will help Bedoli in finding the Glowing Cave Fish, and In exchange for that, he will give you Arrows. If you have progressed a lot in the Tears of the Kingdom, you might have already Glowing Cave Fish in your inventory.

If not, you can easily find one by looking at caves and wells found all throughout the map. The caves in Tears of Kingdom don’t have any lakes but instead, the fish found will be inside the puddles of water.


The Glowing Cave Fish is not rare and can easily be found in the Hyrule region. Still, if you are having trouble finding the fish, you can make your way to the Mabe Village Ruins located southeast of Lookout Landing.

Once you have made your way to the town, head to the center to find the well. You can then jump into the well which has very shallow water. From there, you can find a lot of Glowing Cave Fish that are purple in appearance.

You only need three, therefore, it’s up to you if you want to gather all. There are also some other locations where you can find Glowing Cave Fishes in Tears of the Kingdom. They include the West Lake Totori Cave and the Snowfield Stable Well.

Once you have three Glowing Cave Fish in your inventory, you can then head towards the Rito Village.

Once in the village, you can find Bedoli and give the fish to him. In exchange for the fish, Bedoli will give you 10x Arrows. After getting the fish, she will express her demand for two more items.

These items are Brighcaps or Chillfin Trout and are needed to cook the favorite meal of the village kids. For each item brought back to Bedoli, she will give you 10x Arrows and will give you every time you do that.

This means you can exchange Glowing Cave Fish, Brighcaps, or Chillfin Trout over and over for an infinite number of arrows. Bringing the Glowing Cave Fish to Bedoli will finish the Fish for Fletching quest in Tears of Kingdom.

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