How To Farm Platinum In Starfield

Get Platinum, the important component for your weapons modifications in Starfield.

Platinum in Starfield is a rather straightforward raw material in its uses. It’s used to modify three mods: High Velocity, Hair Trigger, and Bullet Hose. Though simple in application, the weapon mods boost accuracy and fire rate.

Many planets and moons offer decent deposits of Platinum, but they are stretched across the galaxy. This guide will cover various ways and places to get Platinum.

Best ways to farm Platinum in Starfield?

Once you find a planet rich in Platinum, land on the surface and use your scanner. Once you spot Platinum, use your Cutter to mine the resource. If your scanner is pointing out a platinum deposit, but you cannot mine anything with the cutter, this is the clue that the deposit is underground. You’ll need the help of an extractor to get it.

After you complete the scan, the ground with the deposit should glow slightly green. This is the go-ahead, indicating it’s the perfect spot to place an extractor. Make sure you have the following items on hand to build the simplest platinum Extractor:

After that, you’ll need an energy source for the Extractor in Starfield. Keep the planet’s conditions in mind when deciding on a power source. A wind turbine would be ideal if strong winds and sunless days are prevalent. Here are the materials needed to make a Wind Turbine:

  • 3x Nickel
  • 2x Cobalt
  • 5x Aluminum

You’ll be in it for the long haul, so it’s best to create storage containers to collect the platinum in bulk.

Planets with Platinum Reserves

To determine which planets are the best contenders for the resource, the scan feature helps a ton. Take the skill to Rank 4 so nothing remains hidden in Starfield. Once you do, a detailed breakdown of available resources and their location appears. You’re free to land wherever you need to with this information.

While there are many planets and moons to choose from, exploring them all can be time-consuming. Worry not; below is the list of planets with abundant Platinum.

Star SystemPlanet(s)
AlchibaAlchiba III-c
Alpha CentauriBondar
AltairAltair I
ArchimedesArchimedes VI, Archimedes V-b, Archimedes I
BannocBannoc II
BardeenBardeen V-c
BelBel IV-d
BesselBessel III-b
Beta TernionBeta Ternion II
BohrBohr IV
CharybdisCharybdis VII-d, Charybdis VI
CheyenneStellis D
EnlilEnlil I
Eta CassiopeiaCassiopeia IV-c, Cassiopeia II
FermiFermi VII-a
FoucaultFoucault VII-b
FreyaFreya IX-b
HawkingHawking VI-b, Hawking VI-a
HeisenbergHeisenberg V
HylaHyla IV-a
IndumIndum IV-a
Kapteyn’s StarKapteyn I
KumasiKumasi II
LantanaLantana VIII-d, Lantana VIII-b
LeonisLeonis IV
LinnaeusLinnaues IV-a
LunaraOkoro Gamma
MaalMaal VII
MardukMarduk IX-b, Marduk IX-a, Marduk IX, Marduk II
MasadaMasada III
MuphridMuphrid VIII-a
NewtonNewton IV
NikolaNikola VII-a
Oborum PrimeOborum II-a
PiazziPiazzi II
PyraasPyraas IV
RanaRana III
RiveraRivera I, Rivera V-a
RutherfordRutherford II
ShozaShoza IV
SpartaSparta V, Sparta VII-a
SyrmaSyrma VII-a, Syrma VI-c, Syrma V, Syrma II
Tau CetiTau Ceti VIII-d, Tau Ceti V, Tau Ceti I
VerneVerne VI-a
Xi OphiuchiXi Ophiuchi VII-b, Xi Ophiuchi VI-d, Xi Ophiuchi V
ZelaznyZelazny VIII-c, Zelazny VII-b, Zelazny V
Zeta OphiuchiZeta Ophiuchi VI-c

Where to buy Platinum in Starfield?

You can buy Platinum directly from specific vendors to skip the manual labor. Despite Platinum being classified as a rare mineral, many Vendors sell this item. Vendors like Midtown Minerals and Mining League are great bets for finding plentiful Platinum stocks.

The list below gives an extensive breakdown of the vendors that sell Platinum:

Using the console command is a bit more unconventional and riskier method to get the Platinum. Be warned that using console commands to gain items can cause bugs or lock you out of achievements. With that said, here is the command to obtain Platinum:

player.additem 00005573

And if you want to spawn a specific amount of Platinum in Starfield immediately, add that amount at the end after the Platinum item ID:

player.additem 00005573 54

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