Starfield The Den Vendors Locations Guide

The Den is a decommissioned Space Station in Starfield where you don't have to worry even if you carry Contraband items and try to sell them at shops.

The Den is a large, decommissioned Space Station in Starfield with a couple of Vendors that can be found in orbit of the Planet Chthonia. You must find the Wolf Star System in Starfield to get to this space station.

The Den benefits you as it has no security, and you don’t get flagged for carrying contraband items here. Instead, you can quickly sell those items and earn a good price, which you can use to buy resources, ammo, gear items, etc.

You will be meeting two merchants at The Den in Starfield.

  • Marcus Duris
  • Orval Romack

Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendor in The Den

Now that you have boarded The Den, you can move around and explore it. Along the way, you will come across a Trade Authority stall where you will find an NPC Vendor in Starfield The Den.

Marcus Duris

Locating this Vendor in The Den is pretty easy; you need to go to and speak with him. This way, you can sell him your contraband items and check what items he has to sell. These will include weapons, ammo, gear items, etc. If you are low on any of these, you can easily purchase them from him, given that you have enough credits in Starfield.

Starfield The Den Aid and Resources Vendor

If you are looking for Resources and Aid, you must find a vendor at The Den in Starfield.

Orval Romack

You will come across a vendor named Orval Romack in Starfield. He can be located at a bar serving other NPCs. Go to Orval and talk to him. This way, he will sell you Aid Items at a reasonable price.

Moreover, he can provide simple jobs in Starfield if you want to earn cash. This can include missions such as Winning Hearts and Minds. These are all the Shops you can find in Starfield The Den.

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