Starfield All Neon City Side Missions Guide

The dancing lights of Neon will always call you home.

Known as the pleasure city of the Volii system, you will get to know why the rot of the galaxy comes here while doing all Neon City side missions in Starfield.

Neon is one of the four major cities of the game and one of the main player hubs that you are going to frequently visit.

Its bright and vibrant colors represent its citizens’ lavish livelihood, but do not let the bright and flashing lights fool you. This drug-fueled cyberpunk city has dangerous and shady characters lurking around every corner.

If you are interested in exploring the city to the fullest, you can take the help of your list of all Neon City side missions in Starfield.

How to get to Neon City in Starfield

Neon City is located on the planet Volii Alpha inside the Volii System. Keep progressing in the main campaign and you will soon be tasked head here. Land your ship at Volii spaceport on the city’s outskirts and enter the city gates on foot.

Neon comprises three main districts: Ebbside, Neon Core, and the Underbelly. You are going to come across a lot of interesting characters here while completing all Neon City side missions in Starfield.

This is a city of lights that has everything ranging from shady gangs to drug dealers to corrupt police to scientists. This is also the home of the psychedelic drug called Aurora.

All Neon City side missions in Starfield and how to start them

Neon City houses several interesting and action-packed side missions in Starfield. Compared to the New Atlantis side missions, it would be fair to say that the Neon missions have better storylines.

The following list compiles all Neon City side missions in Starfield, but not necessarily in the order they can be started.

Loose Ends

Loose Ends in Starfield is one of the first side missions you’ll encounter after arriving in Neon City. This mission requires you to tie the loose ends of a smuggler and help deliver his package.

As you begin to leave the spaceport, you’ll see a man named Neshar get arrested, and your Loose Ends quest will commence from here on.

You must help deliver Neshar’s package to Yannick Legrande, who himself is an illegal drug dealer. In the end, you’ll have to decide the fate of a man named Felix.

Fishy Business

Fishy Business unlocks after you complete Loose Ends, in which you help deliver a package to Legrande.

In this side mission, you’ll work for Yannick Legrande and will seek a job at the Xenofresh Fisheries to learn how to make the Psychedelic Drug Aurora for Yannick’s Blend.

After you learn how to make the Aurora, you’ll have to strike a deal with Benjamin Bayu to continue the production of the blend, with profits going to both parties.

Supply Line

Supply Line sees you making your own Aurora drug as part of its own questline. You will be heading to the Xenofresh Fisheries to learn how to produce Aurora. This is one location that you will be visiting often when doing all Neon City side missions of Starfield.

After completion, Robie will provide the locations of the Aurora Packages. You’ll unlock the Aurora recipe, and you’ll be able to make it in any pharmaceutical lab. This way, you’ll create a whole supply line for the Psychedelic Aurora drug.

The Audition

The Audition is part of The Strikers vs. The Disciples storyline where you’ll have to end a gang war between two of the most notorious gangs of Neon City.

The side quest is triggered by meeting Digger Zemin, who will tell you about how the gang wars have added to the miseries of Neon citizens.

In the side mission, you must join the Strikers and steal the Data Slate from the Disciples to make your spot permanent in the gang. This will be the beginning of the series of missions in the Strikers storyline.  

Display of Power

Display of Power is a continuation of The Audition. The side quest takes place in Neon City, where you’ll assist the Strikers in claiming their turf back against the Disciples.

You’ll receive this mission from Hatchet and go around the city and hack the billboard signs to display your gang tags. This mission aims to assert dominance over the Disciples and show them the Strikers are back and ready to hold their ground.

The Showdown

The Showdown is the final mission in the Striker storyline, which puts an end to the gang war with the Disciples in Neon City.

The mission is unlocked after completing the Display of Power. Vogal will task you with eliminating three Disciples Hangouts. Along the way, you’ll get a choice to betray the Strikers and join the Disciples.

If you stay loyal to the Strikers, the end of this mission will involve attacking the Disciple’s warehouse and eliminating them for good. You’ll receive massive rewards for your actions throughout this mission.

Hard Luck

Hard Luck is probably the shortest mission you can do when it comes to all Neon City side missions in Starfield.

Saburo Okadigbo is in debt, and a nice lady named Clover would like to help pay off the debt using you as the middleman.

As Saburo is too proud to take assistance from Clover, you must find a way to change his mind and accept the help. You can either use Persuasion Skills on him or show him Clover’s slate. Completing the mission will result in you getting rewarded.

Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality can be unlocked by heading to The Emporium and conversing with the store owner, Tevin Anastas. The term Headlock will come up during the conversation and will trigger this quest.

In this mission, you’ll help Tevin run his business by protecting it from a gang that keeps causing chaos in his shop. You’ll have to deal with Headlock and put an end to Tevin’s complications.

All for One

All for One tests your leadership skills. With illegal shop activities at the peak, you’ll have the task of persuading Dietrich Seighart to stand up against the mafia.  

You’ll have to make a united alliance between James Newill and Dietrich Seighart against the illegal forces that are operating to eliminate them for good.

Balancing the Books

Balancing the Books is another fetch mission in our list of all Neon City side missions in Starfield. It is associated with the Ryujin Industries questline and requires you to recover some missing slates for Rafiq Hamza.

You’ll have to head to the Underbelly under Ebbside in Neon City and seek assistance from Huong in finding those slates. After retrieving the slates, you will return them to Rafiq and claim your reward.

Bare Metal

Bare Metal is a side mission where you’ll have to deal with Warlord, a graffiti artist, and make him pay. The mission can be unlocked by speaking to Frank Renic in the Neon Tactical shop.

Frank will inform you about the Graffiti artist who calls himself Warlord. He vandalized Frank’s robot, and you must make him pay for it in exchange for rewards.

Find Warlord, deal with him by either persuading him or killing him, and return to Frank to complete the mission.

Saburo’s Solution

Saburo’s Solution tasks you to help Saburo unite the Neon City Merchants by distributing flyers. To unlock the mission, you must head to the Mining League in Neon City and meet Saburo Okadigbo.

You’ll have to distribute flyers to five locations of Neon City Merchants. These include James Newill, Yannick Legrande, Dietrich Seighart, Doctor Manning, and Tevin Anastas. After success in your mission, Saburo will reward you for your help.

Relief Run

Relief Run in Starfield is a side quest that involves you helping Doctor Manning, who has run across a supply problem.

After issues with Administrator Bayu, the doctor of Neon City has got his medical supplies cut off, and you must do something to help him stay independent.

After meeting Doctor Manning in Reliant Medical, you’ll have to travel to Deepala in the Narion System, where you’ll head to The Clinic.

You must deal with Abbie and retrieve the Medical Supplies for Doctor Manning at this location. After you deliver the medical supplies, you’ll be rewarded for completing the mission.

Managing Assets

Managing Assets in Starfield is part of the Ryujin Industries Faction in Neon City. This mission will send players off to a new planet to deal with a Rival Operator.

Masako assigns the quest on Administrator Bayu’s orders, and you must head to Paradiso on Porrima II in the Porrima star system.

You’ll meet the Rival Operative at the beach-side entranceway, and you’ll have to deal with him before returning to Neon. You can either persuade him or attack him.

Once you’re done dealing with him either way, head back to Neon and report to Dalton Fiennes. This will conclude the side mission, and you’ll receive your rewards.

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