Starfield New Homestead Vendors Locations Guide

You will find different shops and a Shipyard in Starfield New Homestead that you can visit to purchase different items.

One unique location you might visit during your playthrough in Starfield is New Homestead, so knowing about the Vendors here is essential. This location is on Titan, which is the moon orbiting the planet Saturn. You must head to the Sol System in Starfield to reach this barren area.

New Homestead is significant in the Settled System as it houses one of the largest Methane Processing Centers. This enables the people living here to extract resources. You can purchase these resources from the various shops in New Homestead.

In this guide, I will explore all the Vendor locations you may discover at New Homestead in Starfield.

Weapons, Ammo, and other Gear Vendors in New Homestead

If you are at the New Homestead location and running low on weapons and ammunition, you can make your way toward the main store in this city.

New Homestead Store

This place is presumably the main store at New Homestead. Moreover, this will be the only vendor where you can also buy weapons, armor, and ammunition in Starfield. Instead of wandering around in the city, you should come to this store and use your credits to purchase the required armor, etc.

Starfield New Homestead Aid and Resources Vendors

New Homestead has four shops, which can offer you Aid and Resources if you run low on them in Starfield. These shops are in different city areas, so visit them all.



This place will act like a fast food joint where you can purchase Food and Drinks for a reasonable amount of Credits. You can spend your free time here to gather Aid from this Vendor in Starfield New Homestead.

New Homestead Store

The New Homestead Store also provides Resources like Aid and Miscellaneous Items. You can interact with the NPC merchant in Starfield New Homestead and review his inventory to buy Aid and Resources.


If you are suffering from any damage or in need of medical supplies, then the Clinic is the shop in Starfield that you should visit at New Homestead. Here, you can purchase medical supplies (Aid) to heal yourself.

Brown Horse Tavern

The Brown Horse Tavern is another pub you can find apart from Chunks Merchant in Starfield at New Homestead. Furthermore, you can purchase food and supplies from here. If you are a drinker, this shop in Starfield New Homestead offers some good drinks that you can buy and enjoy some time off in this area.

Ship Vendor in New Homestead

You will also come across a Ship vendor in Starfield right next to the Trade Authority stand at New Homestead. You can then meet him and check which ships he has available for purchase in Starfield. There will be some good options there, like the Roanoke II, Conqueror II, etc., so if you are interested in any of these, you can purchase them with the required amounts of credit.

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