How To Travel To Hopetown In Starfield

Even though Hopetown is a small settlement in Starfield, you can still find some important vendors and quests here.

Hopetown in Starfield is a technology industrial settlement in the Planet Polvo of the Valo system. Starfield has very diverse settlements, each with its unique theme. Hopetown is a settlement built by HopeTech to house its company employees. This settlement is a hot spot for buying, upgrading, and modding your spaceships.

The president, Ron Hope, looks after the company and the settlement. During Starfield, you will often visit the Hopetown settlement, especially if you are part of the Ryujin Industries or Freestar Rangers. To make getting to Hopetown easier for you, I just came up with its detailed location.

Starfield Hopetown location

As mentioned above, Hopetown is in the Polvo Planet of the Valo system. The Narion System is its closest neighbor. Getting to Hopetown is very simple.

But before you go there, you must remember that Freestar Collectives guard the Hopetown Settlement. You cannot take any contraband item in Starfield there as it will be caught. However, you can still store it in your shielded cargo.

To go to Hopetown, open the intergalactic map by pressing “M” on your keyboard. Zoom into the map to explore systems. Around the middle of the map, you will find the Valo System next to Narion and southwest of the Nikola System.

Click on the Valo to zoom in and explore its planets. It is the last planet in the system. Click on it and rotate the planet to find the Hopetown Settlement in Starfield. After you have found it, hold “X” on your keyboard to travel there.


What you can do at Hopetown

Hopetown is not a big settlement like Akila. It is a small community, and you will not find much here. But still, you can find some quests, shops, interesting spots, and amazing people.

Get Quests

Hopetown will only have one quest for you, the Drydock Blues HopeTech Quest. To start the quest, you can talk to Inaya Rehman inside the Starfield HopeTech factory.

Visit Merchants/Vendors  

Hopetown only has two vendors, but you can still get much value from them. One of the major vendors is the Pit Shop. Here, you can buy drinks and aids and obtain the Self-Service Bounty Clearance.

If you want to spend the night, you can do it in the Pit Shop. The other Vendor is Best Defense, which sells amazing weapons, Including some great shotguns with mods in Starfield.

Visit Points of Interest buildings in Hopetown

In Hopetown, you can visit these buildings for your tasks:

  • Trade Authority Kiosk
  • Rangers Building
  • HopeTech Factory

Meet NPCs

Here are the people you will interact with in Hopetown.

  • Inaya Rehman (Receptionist at HopeTech Factory)
  • Ron Hope (President of Hopetown and HopeTech)

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