How To Travel To Gagarin Landing In Starfield

The Gagarin Landing is a location in Starfield that you must visit during a mission.

While doing missions in Starfield, you will also come across the Gagarin Planet with the Gagarin Landing inside it. Once you reach this settlement, you can perform different activities and visit shops to buy items.

Finding this is quite easy, and if you don’t know its location, don’t worry; I will help you find the Gagarin Landing.

Starfield Gagarin Landing location

As you continue your journey of exploration and completing your missions, you will come across Barret’s mission named “Breach of Contract.” This mission will revolve around Gagarin Landing. Either way, at some point in your main quests, you can travel to Gagarin Landing.

The Gagarin planet is in the Alpha Centauri system. Click on it and hover your mouse over the planet horizontally so it revolves anticlockwise. After the rotation, you will see the Gagarin Landing in Starfield pinpointed over the lower level of the planet.

After that, click on the icon and travel to the location. This is where you will find Gagarin Landing. Then, the cutscene showcases your ship landing on the spot, and this will complete your quest labeled Finish travel to Gagarin Landing.

What you can do at Gagarin Landing

Gagarin Landing consists of different spots to visit to spend time. Gagarin Landing also holds a bar location, a doctor’s location, and further shopping areas. You can also interact with some characters in Starfield Gagarin Landing that will let you know the history of this location.

As you head west to locate a factory, you will come across Misaki Qureshi, who will tell you about the history bonded with Gagarin Landing. You can head to the UC Office to find a locker with Contrabands and evidence.

The bar and doctor’s locations are near each other and the spaceport. The doctor can help you if you have Status Afflictions in Starfield. If you want to access the bar, go straight ahead until you see a place covered with red lights. The place is the location of the bar.

If you need to buy equipment or use weapons and spacesuit workbench for free, keep going straight ahead of the spaceport, and you will find Clint’s Collectables near Pauline Keala’s Hospital.

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