How To Get The Hellfire Flamethrower In Remnant 2

Secret Hellfire Flamethrower is a weapon in Remnant 2 that enables you to set your targets ablaze and burn everything to the ground.

If you are a fan of the Flamethrower weapon, then the Secret Hellfire Flamethrower might be the weapon of your dreams in Remnant 2. This cool-looking weapon will let you ablaze your targets and burn everything to the ground.

You can use this fantastic weapon to destroy your enemy’s line. The Hellfire weapon’s unique mod and mutators allow you to create amazing builds to overpower your enemies. This guide not just helps you find this weapon but help you with the build you can create with it.

Hellfire Flamethrower location in Remnant 2

You must venture to the Ashen Wasteland to procure the Hellfire Flamethrower in Remnant 2. You will come across this in the final area of the game; Root Earth. This will present you with all types of challenges.

After you reach the checkpoint at the Ashen Wasteland, you can head towards the opening on the right side. From there, you can follow down the root bridge and continue along the road until you see a large opening in the giant root ahead.

Enter it and follow the narrow passage, leading you further into this wasteland in Remnant 2. After exiting that path, you will come face to face with some mid-level enemies.

You will see a pale yellow car and a pink one aligned towards your right side. Across them, there will be a truck that will be overturned after having collided with the stone bridge there.


You can head towards it and then jump over the small wall. From there, you will find an item with a purple glowing light. Upon further investigation, it will reveal to be the Secret Hellfire Flamethrower. You can interact with the Secret Hellfire Flamethrower item to pick it up in Remnant 2.

Hellfire weapon Stats, Mods, and Mutators

In terms of weapon stats, the Hellfire Flamethrower is no slouch. It offers a Damage of (13) while its Basic attack allows you to deal decent Fire Damage. This will damage the enemies you target with over 375 damage for 10 sec in Remnant 2.

Furthermore, the RPS of this particular weapon is 6, whereas the Magazine can hold (60/120) rounds. The best part about the Hellfire Flamethrower is its unique weapon mod known as Explosive Shot. This also allows you to deal massive explosive damage (155) to an enemy at medium range (9m).

Once you finally acquire this insane weapon, strengthen it with amulets, increasing its damage efficiency. As for the mutators, this weapon doesn’t come equipped with any, so you can add the ones that will boost the stats for the Hellfire Flamethrower.

Lastly, you can spend resources such as Iron, Lumenite Crystal, and Scrap to take this insane weapon to Level 10 to increase its destructive power in Remnant 2.

Secret Hellfire Flamethrower builds

So for classes, you can run with the Engineer archetype as your main class and Gunslinger as your sub-class. That is because you can benefit from the prime perk of your main class.

As for the armor, you can go with the Dendroid Set, which provides a light roll that looks pretty dope when paired with the Hellfire Flamethrower in Remnant 2. Coming onto the Relic, you can choose Dragon Heart, as it offers a decent healing factor when you are in trouble.


Moving onto the options for Amulet and Rings, you can select Talisman of the Sun amulet as it increases your fire damage while allowing you to inflict burn damage on the enemies.


For the ring, you can select Fire Stone, which will further increase fire damage and provide fire resistance in Remnant 2. Similarly, you can also equip the Singed Ring, as it will aid your Flamethrower build by increasing the damage you deal to burning enemies.


As for the weapons, go with the Widowmaker (Long gun). Pair it with the weapon mod Hot Shot, and it will increase that range damage and fire damage tenfold, making this sniper the best boss killer in Remnant 2. For the mutator option, you can select Slayer mutator to capitalize on that reload speed for your weapon.

The Tech 22 handgun goes nicely with your Flamethrower build in Remnant 2. This is a very reliable weapon that offers decent range and will perfectly pair with the sniper.

You can create a Flamethrower Build with these gear items and burn your enemies to a crisp.

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