Best Mutators In Remnant 2 

Mutators are a material you can add to your weapons and add special effects to them in Remnant 2. Here are the best mutators in the game.

Mutators are a special mechanic in Remnant 2 that will allow you to add certain special effects to your weapons. They are similar to weapon mods but can be used on both melee and ranged weapons. Each weapon has a separate slot for Mutators and you can only select one at a time.

There are 30 mutators in Remnant 2 so chances are you might not keep all of them. You have to decide which one is worth keeping. 

That is why we have made this article to tell you about the best mutators in Remnant 2. 

Best Mutators in Remnant 2


The battery is one of the best mutators for ranged weapons in Remnant 2. Your ranged attacks are going to increase the next weak spot hit by 10% per stack. You can get a maximum of 5 stacks.

You can get the Battery mutator by purchasing it from Dwell for 75 Relic Dust +5000 Scraps. 


Bandit is another great mutator for ranged weapons. This mutator will grant you a 10% chance to restore spent ammunition back to the weapon magazine whenever the shot hits the target. 


You can get the Bandit mutator by killing The Weald Stalker and The Gnarled Archer in the Yaesha – Forgotten Field area. 


A transpose mutator is another ranged weapon mutator in Remnant 2. Using this in a slot will increase the ranged weapon damage by up to 10% for 20 seconds. This will take effect when you pick ammunition. 

The transpose mutator can be obtained by killing the W.D. 109 boss in the Void Vessel Facility

Deadly Calm

Deadly Calm is a great mutator to increase ranged weapon damage. Using the Deadly Calm mutator while continuously aiming might increase weapon damage by 10%. 

You can get the Deadly Calm by purchasing it from Dwell for 75 Relic Dust +500 Scraps. 


Disengage mutator in Remnant 2 is a melee mutator. Using the Disengage mutator in the melee weapon slot will increase the damage of the next Backdash Evade Attack by 4% while melee striking. You can get a maximum of 5 stacks for a total of 7.5 seconds. 

Disengage is obtained by killing the Progeny in N’Erud in The Hatchery or The Dark Conduit region. 


Striker is another mutator for melee weapons. Using it will increase the damage given by the melee weapons by 3% for 10 seconds. You can stack this for a maximum of 5 times. 

You can get the Striker by killing the boss in the Morrow Parish – Losomn. 

Vengeful Strike

The Vengeful Strike is probably the best melee mutator in Remnant 2. Equipping the Vengeful Strike mutator will result in a 20% increase in melee damage when your health drops below 50%. This adds an extra layer of survivability in the game.

You can get the Vengeful Strike by killing Bastion in The Labyrinth. 


The Reinvigorate mutator is a melee mutator in Remnant 2. Using this mutator in your melee weapon slot will result in a 25% reduction in stamina cost for all charged melee attacks. 

You can get the Reinvegorate by killing the Defiler boss in the Yaesha – Forgotten Field region.

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