How To Get The Tech 22 In Remnant 2

The Tech 22 carries such a power punch with a high fire rate that within seconds your enemy as well as your ammo is finished in Remnant 2.

Tech 22 is one of the most optimized handguns in Remnant 2 for close-quarter situations, providing enough gun power to annihilate a small group of enemies when fully upgraded.

The pistol itself carries such a power punch with a high fire rate that within seconds your enemy as well as your ammo is finished.

Being the most readily available weapon in the game it should be a must-have for every player looking for an alternative for their shotguns.

Do note that the Handler archetype starts off with the Tech 22. If you are playing any other class, you can still unlock the handgun by visiting a rather popular merchant in the game.

The Tech 22 handgun location in Remnant 2

Getting the menacing Tech 22 handgun is pretty simple in Remnant 2. All you have to do is make your way to Brabus in Ward 13 and buy the weapon from him for 1000 Scraps.

Scraps are your basic in-game currency. You are going to be farming Scraps all the time by killing and looting everything you come across, as well as by completing quests and objectives.


Is the Tech 22 good in Remnant 2?

Tech 22 belongs to the family of handguns and one of the most significant characteristics of this gun are that it allows for a massive spray of bullets to your enemies in a couple of seconds. Not just that it’s equipped with 30-round mags with a capacity of 270 rounds in total.

With a high fire rate surprisingly, the weapon has very little recoil and the best thing is the range that the bullets can reach is 15m and a fall off of 45m.

The only problem that can be fixed is that the weapon does not come with stock mods or mutators however the developers of Remnant 2 have allowed players to add other mods and mutators to enhance their experience such as increasing their magazine size to 45 from 30.

The last reason to prove that the handgun is worthy of acquiring is the stats in combat that include an increase in critical chance hit by 10% as well as weak spot damage to 100%

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