Best Flamethrower Build In Remnant 2

The sole purpose of the Flamethrower build in Remnant 2 is to burn anything that you come across to the ground.

If you’re looking to spice up your Remnant 2 gameplay with a bit of fire, then the Flamethrower build is what you need. This build focuses on turning everything you have into flames and converting everything you touch into hell.

Creating the perfect Flamethrower build requires carefully choosing all the necessary items that the game offers to improve your elemental damage. There aren’t many options like that in the game, so let us guide you through how to create this build.

Remnant 2 Flamethrower build

The sole purpose of the Flamethrower build in Remnant 2 is to burn anything that you come across to the ground. Though just because it’s a fun playstyle to go for, doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a serious punch.

This build allows for a fiery playstyle dashing out tuns of elemental damage in terms of Fire and Burning. You also get a lot of ammo reserve, which means that you can always go around throwing flames at everything without ever worrying about ammo.

To make a proper Remnant 2 Flamethrower build, the first thing we need to consider is a suitable Archetype. Not many classes specialize in fire, but there is one that is perfect with it.

Best Archetype Combo

The Primary Archetype we will be using in this build is the Engineer Archetype. The reason behind this is the Engineer’s Prime Perk called High Tech. This perk is essential for increasing our overall damage output with this build because of its bonus in infinite ammo, fire rate, and damage output.


All of these bonuses are quite important when you’re using a flamethrower since an average flamethrower tends to have a lower fire rate and run out of ammunition quickly.

Another reason for picking the Engineer class as our main one is because of the primary skill – Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower. This skill is unlocked at level 5 and allows you to deploy a Flamethrower Turret that constantly targets enemies until it runs out of ammunition.

In most fights, this plays quite an important role because it chips away your enemies’ health quickly, without requiring the need to be manually aimed.

You can shoot alongside the turret for a little bit of extra damage on the side, or you can pick the turret up yourself to use as your main weapon.

The main reason behind choosing the Gunslinger as our secondary Archetype is because of its secondary skill called Bulletstorm. This skill allows you to further increase your fire rate and reload speed, while also making your single-shot firearms full-auto.


Weapons would be the second most important aspect in a build right after Archetypes – even more so in this build since you need weapons that can spit out fire damage.

Although you don’t have many options like that, you can try some of the guns with weapon mods and mutators mentioned below to ramp up your fire and burning damage significantly.

Long Gun: Widowmaker (Hot Shot mod)

One of the reasons why the Widowmaker is considered among the best weapons in Remnant 2 is because of the sheer amount of damage that it deals.

It also has great stats in critical hit damage, which, combined with the insane weapon damage, allows you to shoot down most things with a single bullet.

One of the best benefits of the high damage the Widowmaker deals is that it can generate mod power pretty quickly and also applies full stats of burning instantly.

The weapon mod you must use with the Widowmaker is the Hot Shot. This mod not only applies Burning to your bullets but also increases your ranged weapon damage and Fire damage significantly.

Moreover, since this weapon only holds one bullet in its magazine, it would be best to use the Slayer Mutator with it. This Mutator increases your damage for the next few seconds after every reload, which means that with this weapon you can get that bonus on every bullet.

With such an extreme amount of overall damage output, you might even consider this a DPS build as well.

Handgun: Tech 22 (Witchfire mod)

The Tech 22 is responsible for handling your close to mid-range combat in this build. With a high fire rate and a fast reload speed, this handgun makes up for everything that the Widowmaker can’t do.

As for the weapon mod for this weapon, you must use Witchfire. This mod is perfect for this build because it lets you shoot out grenade-like projectiles that explode a few seconds later, leaving a pool of Fire around it, dealing Fire and Burning damage to every enemy it comes in contact with.

You can use the Momentum Mutator with the Tech 22 to increase its Critical Chance and Critical Damage every time you deal a Critical Hit with it.


Although Traits can impact your builds to a certain extent, then general choices remain the same for most builds because a few of them are more useful than others.

For this Remnant 2 Flamethrower build, we recommend putting out points in the following Traits.

  • Vigor: Increases your max HP
  • Endurance: Increases your max stamina
  • Spirit: Increases your mod power regeneration
  • Expertise: Reduces the cooldown time of your skills
  • Siphoner: Increases Lifesteal


Relics play a great role in achieving and/or amplifying a particular playstyle that you’re going for in a build. All of these are equally good though, so you don’t usually have much trouble choosing one for your build.

For the Flamethrower build though, we will be selecting the basic Dragon Heart since it covers your healing aspect, which is mostly negated in other choices.

You can even use the Rune Heart Relic to increase your mod power, but only if you’re more skilled and don’t need much healing.


Choosing the right set of rings and an Amulet can greatly influence your Remnant 2 build. These offer great bonuses that you can’t usually overlook, and hence become a core choice for most builds.

For this Flamethrower build, we went with the following options.

  • Talisman of the Sun (Amulet): Increases your Fire and Burning damage
  • Fire Stone (Ring): Increases your Fire damage and Fire Resistance (useful if you get shot by your own turret)
  • Singed Ring: Increases the damage you deal to Burning enemies
  • Stone of Malevolence (Ring): Grants a mod power regen bonus for dealing Elemental Status damage
  • Stone of Balance (Ring): Increases your overall damage output


Since the Flamethrower build is mostly an offensively oriented build focused on Fire and Burning damage, armor doesn’t play a huge part in it. That said, you are free to choose whatever armor set you prefer in this build.

We recommend the Dendroid Set as your main damage. This is a light armor set that doesn’t affect your mobility too much.

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