10 Best Rings In Remnant 2

Rings in Remnant 2 are one of the items that can help you buff your character in several ways, just like the Amulets did.

Rings in Remnant 2 are one of the items that can help you buff your character in several ways, just like Amulets do. These effects range from simple stamina increases and weapon accuracy buffs up to increased Relic charges and critical damage increases.

This guide will review ten best rings you can pick up in Remnant 2. It will cover their effects, best-use scenarios, and locations. Before we begin, it’s important to note that some of these rings are random drops, and it may take a while to acquire them.

10. Fae Hunter Ring

The Fae Hunter ring kicks off our top 10 list of the best rings in Remnant 2. This ring simply increases the range of firearms by +30%, reducing damage fall-off. It is useful for long gun builds or players who prefer a more defensive approach to combat.

This ring can be found in Losomn. It is a random world drop, so you may have to clear out the area and complete several dungeons before acquiring it.

9. Rotward Ring

The ninth spot on our list belongs to the Rotward Ring. When equipped, it prevents Root Rot blight. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter several areas that cause Root Rot blight build-up, making certain sections extremely tedious. However, if you have this ring equipped, you’ll no longer have to deal with this problem.

This Ring can be found in the Yaesha Region at the Forbidden Grove. You can purchase this Ring from Bedel of the Vaunnt, the red-colored, horned merchant in the woods of Yaesha. It is available for sale in 500 Scraps and is an absolute steal of a deal.

8. Point Focus Ring

The Point Focus Ring reduces all guns’ initial spread and recoil by +35%. While this may seem like a rather useless ring given its limited utility, it is extremely effective when you have to move a lot, particularly during boss battles and close-quarter combat scenarios.

This ring can be found in N’Erud through a random world drop.

7. Heart of The Wolf

The Heart of the Wolf Ring replaces the Trait Points you put in Endurance. This Ring increases your movement speed by 10% and gives you 25 Maximum Stamina. It is particularly useful if you’re running low on trait points and need a touch more stamina.

You can find this after exiting Raeula’s Rest. Head to the Yaesha at the Forbidden Grove to find the Ring.

6. Deep Pocket Ring

The Deep Pocket Ring takes the sixth spot on our list. As the name suggests, this Ring increases the magazine capacities of your weapons by 25%. The increase in bullet storing capacity can vary from gun to gun, though its utility remains consistent across them all.

You can find this ring in the N’erud region inside a dungeon. To find the dungeon, go through the Phantom Wastelands to Timeless Horizon, and you will find it on the way.

5. Fire Stone

The Fire Stone is a ring that can increase the fire damage you inflict by +10% and increase resistance to fire damage by +15%. This ring is particularly useful against roots or root-type enemies as they are very weak to fire damage.

The Fire Stone can be purchased from Reggie, and it will set you back 500 Scraps.

4. Probability Cord

The Probability Cord takes the next spot on our list. This ring gives you an insane +30% increase in Critical Damage. When paired with a weapon like the Merciless long gun, which already has a +25% chance to deal critical damage, this ring can dish out high amounts of critical damage quickly.

The ring can be found at the Corrupted Harbor in the Root Earth world. It is located in a well-hidden checkpoint along a branch above the checkpoint in the Harbor.

3. Black Cat Band

The Black Cat Band decreases your health to 1 and gives you a 25% increment in movement speed whenever you take a fatal blow. This allows you to move away from the battle, refresh your HP, and get ready to settle some scores. It is particularly useful for players who are struggling with higher difficulties.

This Black Cat Band can be purchased from Reggie. To prove you’re eligible for this ring, you must die a few times at the hands of your enemies. The price of this Ring is 500 Scraps.

2. Targeting Jewel

The Targeting Jewel is second on our list of the best rings in Remnant 2. When equipped, this ring increases the viable range of all weapons by 4 meters while reducing spread by 15 meters. This allows you to be more accurate with all your guns while also increasing your range.

This Ring can be found in the Vault of the Formless in N’erud. It is a random drop, and it may take you some time to find it.

1. Tear of Kaeula

The Tear of Kaeula takes the number one spot on our list. This ring increases the total amount of Relic Charges by two, giving you an upper hand in several scenarios. If you want to maximize healing or character buffs, look no further. This ring’s versatility allows it to be used across all builds.

Did You Know

You can get the Sorrow crossbow by giving this ring to Meidra in Remnant 2.

To find the Tear of Kaeula, you must reach the altar in a dungeon within Yaesha. Once you pick it up, the boss fight with Kauela’s Shadow will start. Take out the boss and benefit from its buffs.

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