Best Rings In Remnant 2 And Their Locations

Rings in Remnant 2 are one of the items that can help you buff your character in several ways, just like the Amulets did.

Although Remnant 2 may not be a soul-genre game, it does allow you to build your character going into the game. Rings in Remnant 2 are one of the items that can help you buff your character in several ways, just like the Amulets did. This guide will cover the best rings you can grab in Remnant 2.

Best Rings in Remnant 2

Here is a collection of the mightiest rings you can pick up on your way to the endgame. These rings may take some time to find, so get a pen and paper and note down the locations of these rings so you know what to go for when selecting gear.

  • Black Cat Band
  • Fae Hunter Ring
  • Deep Pocket Ring
  • Singed Ring
  • Rotward Ring
  • Heart of The Wolf
  • Probability Cord
  • Tear of Kaeula
  • Targeting Jewel
  • Fire Stone
  • Acid Stone
  • Grounding Stone

Black Cat Band

This Ring will be helpful, particularly for those who have difficulty adjusting to the game dynamics or for gamers choosing to go Nightmare level difficulty. The Black Cat Band will save your life on more than one occasion if you receive a blow that is bound to kill your character.

This Ring in Remnant 2 will decrease your health to 1 and give you a 25% increment in movement speed. This will allow you to move away from the battle, refresh your HP, and get ready to settle some scores. Claiming this Ring is also pretty easy.

This Ring will be available to buy from Reggie, the merchant NPC you can find early on in the game. All you have to do is die a few times at the hands of your enemies to prove you’re eligible for this Ring. The price of this Ring is 500 Scraps.

Fae Hunter Ring

Players who love melee builds will fall in love instantly with this Ring in Remnant 2. You can find this Ring in Losomn. It will take some exploring as it is in a shack near the Great Sewers. This Ring increases your melee damage by 15%.


Deep Pocket Ring

As the name hilariously suggests, this Ring is here to increase the magazine capacities of your weapons by 25%. The increase in bullet storing capacity can vary from gun to gun in the game. You can find this in the N’erud region inside a dungeon.

To find the dungeon go through the Phantom Wastelands to Timeless Horizon, and you will find it on the way.

Singed Ring

The Singed Ring in Remnant 2 provides you with a buff on your burning damage by increasing it by 10%. This Ring pairs well with the Hot Shot Mod. This Ring is in the Bucher’s Quarter at Losomn. It is present next to the pyre.

Rotward Ring

This Ring can be found in the Yaesha Region at the Forbidden Grove. You can purchase this Ring from Bedel of the Vaunnt, the red-colored, horned merchant in the woods of Yaesha. It is available for sale in 500 Scraps and is an absolute steal of a deal.

While exploring, you will have to deal with Root Rot a lot. While you have this Ring equipped, the Root Rot will not affect you anymore in Remnant 2.

Heart of The Wolf

This Ring is a replacement for the Trait Points you put in Endurance. This Ring will increase your movement speed by 10% and give you 25 Maximum Stamina. You can find this after exiting Raeula’s Rest. Head to the Yaesha at the Forbidden Grove to find the Ring.

Probability Cord

This Ring gives you an insane 30% Crit Damage. But finding a well-hidden checkpoint along a branch above the checkpoint in the Cargo Docks can be challenging. The region we’re talking about is the Root Earth at the Corrupted Harbour.

Tear of Kaeula

This Ring is of some importance in Remnant 2. You need to get to the altar in a dungeon to find this. The dungeon is in Yaesha. Once you pick it up, the boss fight with Kauela’s Shadow will start. Take out the boss and benefit from the buffs it provides you.

You can get a Sorrow Hand crossbow by trading it with Meidra in Remnant 2.

Targeting Jewel

This Ring increases the viable range of all weapons by 4 meters while reducing spread by 15 meters. This Ring can be found in the Vault of the Formless in N’erud.

Fire Stone

Regardless of the name, it is a ring that can increase the Burning Damage by 10% and increase resistance to burning damage. You can purchase it from Reggie. This Ring will cost you 500 Scraps in Remnant 2.

Acid Stone

This Ring also provides 10% increased Acid Damage and resistance from Acid attacks or debuffs. It can also be bought from Reggie at Ward 13 for 500 Scraps.

Grounding Stone

This Ring provides 10% increased Shock Damage and Shock Resistance against enemies. It can also be bought from Reggie at Ward 13 for 500 Scraps.

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