Best Weapon Mods In Remnant 2

Wondering which are the best weapon mods in Remnant 2? While some are tailored towards specific, there are some powerful mentionables.

Weapon Mods in Remnant 2 can allow you to give your weapons special abilities and effects that almost entirely change their dynamic and workings. Since each weapon has only one Mod slot, you have to be careful in choosing the best one for it.

A number of things should be considered when picking the best Weapon Mod for your build. Your playstyle, Archetype, and weapon have a say in determining which mod should be slotted.

Let’s look at the best weapon mods in Remnant 2 to help you make your decision.

Best Weapon Mods to get in Remnant 2

The following are the best Weapon Mods in Remnant 2. Each weapon mod provides a unique ability and attribute that we feel can give you a greater edge over the other options available to you.

10. Astral Burst

  • Mod Power Requirement: 450

All the best weapon mods in Remnant 2 have at least one attribute they excel at. The Astral Burst makes it in owing to its unmatched crowd control and AoE damage-enhancing capabilities.

Astral Burst’s effect makes it so that your initial shot splits into seven-star fragments, dealing 35 damage each. Now, while this initial burst damage may be unimpressive or decent at best, the real charm begins after.

These round fragments can bounce and deflect from walls and obstacles consecutively up to three times, dealing 35% additional damage per bounce. This Mod will help destroy your enemies without them even noticing. The damage boost after each bounce can help significantly stack up your damage output and crowd control ability.

The firing off of several projectiles makes the Astral Burst somewhat similar to the Helix, which uses several missiles to do the same.

This Mod can require both extreme skill and none at all simultaneously. You can meticulously aim to get the best bounces for more damage or simply hail-mary it. Try to maximize its use in narrow corridors, tunnels, and caverns where it can get the most bounces.

How to craft:
The Astral Burst Weapon Mod can be crafted in Ward 13 by visiting Ava McCabe’s warehouse. You’ll require the following material to craft this Mod:

9. Corrosive Rounds

  • Mod Power Requirement: 1250

Having a weapon mod that can give your weapon the ability to deal elemental damage is key for melting down enemy and boss HPs, and like the Hot Shot mod, the Corrosive Round can do just that.

However, instead of imbuing your weapon rounds with fire, the Corrosive Rounds do so with acid. They additionally increase your crit chance by 15% for 20 seconds during the effect time and give the Corroded status effect to your enemies. Corroded Deals 100 damage over 10 seconds.

The Corrosive Rounds offer the most benefits that Hot Shot mod provides without major drawbacks or weaknesses. This makes it arguably a better option than Hot Shot, which is useless with nearby water sources.

For fights with nearby water, like the one against Kaeula’s Shadow, the Corrosive Rounds should be your go-to pick.

Again, like the Hot Shot mod, consider taking a high fire rate or fully automatic weapon like the Chicago Typewriter to maximize your Corroded status effect damage. The Corrosive Rounds will also work relatively well with high-damage semi-automatic weapons like the Widowmaker.

How to craft:
The Corrosive Rounds Weapon Mod can be crafted by McCabe using the following items:

  • Tainted Ichor x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x5
  • Scrap x500

8. Defrag

  • Mod Power Requirement: 1500

Defrag is one the most unique mods in Remnant 2, the workings of which may confuse many at first glance. However, the Defrag is one the most powerful late-game mods you can add to your weapon.

Since it may be a little complicated to understand, here’s how the Defrag’s effect works. Every time to fire off a shot with it, your enemy gets hit with the Fragmented effect, which applies for 5 seconds.

Once you kill the enemy with the Fragmented status effect, a Glitch will be created. Now, you can use this Glitch in two ways.

Either shoot and destroy the Glitch, which will create a damage pool called the Viral Pool within a 5m circle area. All enemies in this area will lose their health and have the Fragmented effect applied to them. The Viral Pool lasts for 15 seconds and deals 25 damage per second.

You can also walk through the Glitch to pick it up. This will give you a 20 percent boost to your damage output during the duration of the ability, which lasts for 15 seconds.

You can use the combo of the Glitch to create a Viral Pool and then cycle through by killing more Fragmented effect enemies to create a deadly cycle.

The variety of ways you can use the Defrag mod, its damage buffs, crowd control, and use cyclability make it a super versatile late-game option for your weapon.

How to craft:
You can craft the Defrag Weapon Mod inside Ward 13, where you’ll have to meet Ava McCabe. You’ll need the following items to craft this Mod:

  • Necrocyte Strand x1
  • Lumenite Crystals x5
  • Scrap x500

7. Fargazer

  • Mod Power Requirement: 1250

The Fargazer in Remnant 2 is an interesting weapon mod that definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, this weapon mod can shine to its full potential in the right hands.

The Fargazer works by spawning an Eye Legion by your shoulder. Whenever you aim down an enemy target, the Eye Legion inflicts the Madness status effect on them. Now, the longer you aim, the more Madness and the damage it provides is inflicted.

This ability effect can last for 30 seconds, and after stacking up Madness to a max of 10, you can deal considerable damage.

Since the Fargazer’s ability relies solely on your aim-down-sights time, not every playstyle can fully utilize its perks. Support types like the Gunslinger and Hunter can succeed with the Fargazer.

If you run the Engineer or Challenges Archetypes that spend far less time aiming, we suggest you avoid using the Fargazer with your weapons.

How to craft:
The Fargazer Weapon Mod can be crafted by McCabe using the following items:

  • Agnosia Driftwood x1
  • Lumenite Crystals x5
  • Scrap x500

6. Helix

  • Mod Power Requirement: 850

Regarding crowd control and AoE capabilities, the Helix mod and the Astral Burst are unmatched in Remnant 2. Both mods work similarly because they fire off multiple projectiles to give you greater burst damage capabilities.

The Helix does so by firing off a group of missiles instead, which deal 120 damage. These missiles eventually split up into 6 several small ones on contact, which home in on your enemies to strike them, dealing 30 damage.

Now, the Helix has much less of a skill curve to master than the Astral Burst, as the missiles pretty much home in and hit your enemies by themselves.

Helix may be the preferred option for most players compared with Astral Burst, which may require carefully determining the bounce to get the most damage.

Remember to close in your distance when using the Helix and try slotting it into a slow-firing Primary weapon. You can even have the Astral Burst equipped with your handgun alongside the Helix.

How to craft:
The Helix Weapon Mod can be crafted in Ward 13 by visiting Ava McCabe’s warehouse. You’ll require the following material to craft this Mod:

  • Seeker Residue x1
  • Lumenite Crystals x5
  • Scrap x500

5. Hot Shot

  • Mod Power Requirement: 1250

Hot Shot is one the best mods that you can add to your weapon in Remnant 2. It exploits the weaknesses of many bosses and mini-bosses against Fire elemental damage to deal significant damage to them. This Mod enhances ranged damage by 15% for a total of 20 seconds.

The Hot Shot mod will allow you to deal fire elemental damage with a weapon shot. Imbuing your shots with fire will increase your weapon damage and burn your opponent so they get dealt damage over time. This Mod applies the Burning effect, which deals 200 Fire Damage over 10 seconds.

While you can apply the Hot Shot mod to any weapon for a decent return, we suggest putting it something like the Blackmaw AR-47 or  XMG57 Bonesaw. A full auto weapon with a high fire rate that can stack tons of burning status damage to shred down bosses and elites instantly.

How to craft:
After defeating the Root Mantis, you can acquire the Hot Shot weapon mod as early as the game’s Prologue mission. You’ll need to choose it from among four other options, and we highly suggest you do so.

You can also craft it by visiting Ava McCabe in her warehouse. After acquiring the Root Ganglia, you can buy it for 1,500 Scrap.

4. Voltaic Rondure

  • Mod Power Requirement: 850

The Volcanic Rondure is another early-game weapon mod that you can utilize effectively. Its ability allows you to shock your opponent’s y spawning orbs, dealing 20 Shock damage inside a 3m range. The orbs spawned by the Voltaic Rondure will also give your enemies the Overload status effect.

Overloaded will deal even further shock damage to them in 15 seconds, increasing your damage even further. You can continue to stack up the shock damage for the entirety of the duration that your orbs last, which is 20 seconds.

Now, the orb does tend to move and fly off on its own, making the ability less viable in more open spaces. In tight, crowded corridors and interior sections, however, is where the Voltaic Rondure and the orb really shine.

As your orb moves toward the enemies, you would ideally need to be close by to capitalize and take them out. Hence, you’ll need to pick Archetypes that excel in close-quarter combat and are tanky enough to continue staying close. Something like the Challenger Archetype should be perfect to pair with the Voltaic Rondure.

How to craft:
Ava McCabe can craft the Voltaic Rondure Weapon Mod inside Ward 13. Before you head over there, make sure you have the following material:

  • Bone Sap x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x5
  • Scrap x500

3. Witchfire

  • Mod Power Requirement: 750

Witchfire is a robust and powerful Weapon Mod in Remnant 2 that allows players to launch powerful grenades in projectiles while leaving a trail of blazing fire. This trail of burning flames inflicts continuous damage to your enemies.

This weapon mod deals 55 Fire Damage each second. Moreover, it applies the Burning effect, which deals a total of 200 damage over 10 seconds and lasts for about 5 seconds.

The Mod becomes even more powerful as you upgrade your weapon to a higher level. At level 20, these projectiles and their blazing trail deal a massive 165 Fire damage per second. Moreover, Burning will deal a total of 600 damage over 10 seconds.

With all that damage, you can ultimately decide that this Mod is worthy of being in our top 3 on this list.

How to craft:
Ava McCabe can craft Witchfire in Ward 13. You’ll need the following material to craft this Mod:

2. Stasis Beam

  • Mod Power Requirement: 50 per Pulse

Stasis Beam is a very useful weapon Mod in Remnant 2, as it discharges a powerful laser beam that damages your enemies and slows them down, eventually halting them in place. The ray it fires deals a total of 15 damage per second.

Moreover, it applies Slow Debuff, which slows down the pace at which enemies approach you. After 3 seconds pass, the Slow Debuff shifts into Stasis, which completely freezes your enemies in place. The Mod works on all enemies and elites except bosses.

The Stasis Beam is the best Mod for crowd control, as it deals damage and halts your enemies in place. We recommend you equip this Mod on your handgun (secondary weapon) to take the frozen enemies out with your Long Gun (Primary Weapon) equipped with a different powerful Mod.

This Weapon Mod does not work the same on bosses, as it only slows them down instead of freezing them. Moreover, the Mod becomes more powerful as you upgrade your weapon to higher levels.

How to craft:
Ava McCabe can craft the Stasis Beam inside her warehouse in Ward 13. You’ll require the following material to craft this Mod:

1. Space Crabs

  • Mod Power Requirement: 450

Space Crab is possibly the best and most powerful Weapon Mod in Remnant 2. As you can guess from its name, this weapon mod will unleash deadly crustaceans onto your enemies. This weapon mod best suits the Summoner and Engineer Archetypes.

Using this Mod will launch an alien egg into the space before you. This egg, upon rupturing, will unleash 5 space crabs onto your enemies. These crabs will guard you and kill anything within a 4m distance.

Upon contact with enemies, the crabs explode and wreak havoc on your enemies. Each crab on explosion deals 60 Damage and can reach up to 180 damage each as you upgrade your weapon to level 20.

This Mod is perfect for crowd control when a horde of enemies attacks you. You’ll have to launch the crabs at your foes and let them do the dirty work. This will help clear the battleground and allow you to progress with ease. Moreover, this Mod can be handy while waiting for a skill to recharge.

How to craft:
Ava McCabe can craft the Space Crab weapon mod in Ward 13. Crafting this Mod requires the following items:

  • Cracked Shell x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x5
  • Scrap x500
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