How To Get The Widowmaker In Remnant 2

The Widowmaker is a sniper rifle that allows you to take headshots from afar using its impressive scope in Remnant 2. Here's how to get it.

The Widowmaker long gun in Remnant 2 is probably the best and most vital weapon in your loadout.

This sniper rifle is equipped with a scope that will easily allow you to target your enemies from afar. Its one-kill shots are very useful in combat and can give you a major edge in battle.

Although the Widowmaker may not look as sleek and robust as most other weapons in the game, you must not let its appearance fool you. This is an ultimate weapon to behold, and you don’t want to miss out on it.

The entire process of obtaining this weapon is quite simple, and we’ll explain everything to you in this guide. So, let’s begin.

The Widowmaker location in Remnant 2

The entire process of obtaining the Widowmaker Rifle is quite simple. All you have to do is take your character to Ward 13, the main hub of Remnant 2. It is also the area of the game with the most NPCs. Players will have to intermingle with the NPCs for different purposes.

To find the Widow Maker, we’ll have to locate Brabus. Brabus is the Arms dealer NPC that sells you different weapons. You will be able to locate him near the shooting range in Ward 13. The map below can be used to locate Brabus.


Once you find our Arms Dealer, please walk up to him and check out the list of available weapons. You’ll be able to find the Widowmaker Long Gun in his inventory. The weapon is available for 1000 scrap. Pay him the scrap, and you’ll finally have this brilliant sniper rifle.

Is the Widowmaker good in Remnant 2?

The Widowmaker is a brilliant sniper rifle in Remnant 2. Although not the prettiest weapon in the game, this weapon can come in handy. Its heightened precision and accuracy will allow you to blast your enemies’ brains from long range.

Long-range weapons are very important in Remnant 2 as they allow you to gain control over the battlefield. The Windowmaker sniper rifle has a 3x scope to target your enemies from a long distance. This restricts your enemies and gives you an edge in battle.

Some of the most excellent perks of this weapon are the 120% Weak Spot Damage Bonus and 20% Stagger Modifier. Moreover, it also has a 10% Critical hit chance. This sniper will kill your enemies in one shot and make you own the battlefield. The damage produced by this weapon can be upgraded to a whopping 375 as you reach upgrade level 20.

The Widowmaker does not come with Weapon Mods and Mutators, but players can equip them in empty slots.

Regardless of everything, the Widowmaker is arguably one of the best weapons in Remnant 2, and it’s a must to have in long-range encounters as it deals deadly damage to your foes.

The ideal classes for wielding this weapon are the Gunslinger and Hunter archetypes.

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