How To Carry More Dragon Hearts In Remnant 2

Having extra relics and carrying more dragon hearts can help restore your health and continue your Remnant 2 adventures.

In Remnant 2, Dragon Hearts are among the most useful items. They allow you to heal yourself during battle and continue your adventures after taking tremendous damage that would otherwise end your run. Dragon Hearts and all other relics in the game have limited charges. Once you run out, you must return to a checkpoint to refill them.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to increase/upgrade your Dragon Heart’s charges so that you can keep the battle going. There are two ways to do this, and this guide covers both of them.

Purchase Dragon Heart upgrades from Wallace

First of all, you need to head to Wallace in Ward 13. You can discover Wallace after crossing the Mutator Merchant. Proceed by going up the stairs after entering the door at the end.

Talk to him, and you will get the option to increase the capacity of Dragon Hearts. The price for carrying more dragon hearts is:

Once you get these materials, carrying more Hearts is as simple as talking to Wallace and buying the upgrade. This upgrade can help you go a long way since it also increases the capacity for all the Relics selected in the slot.


You can upgrade your relic charges up to a total of 10.

Use the Tear of Kaeula

Certain items in Remnant 2 give your characters specific buffs. One such item is a ring named “The Tear of Kaeula.”

This ring will enable you to carry two more Relics and consequently increase the capacity of Dragon Hearts. Finding the Tear of Kaeula will allow you to carry more dragon hearts than you might have after upgrading the capacity through Wallace.


While upgrading relic charges through Wallace will bring your maximum charges up to 10, with the Tear of Kaeula equipped, you can have a total of 12 charges.

While this alternative route isn’t a permanent solution for increasing your dragon heart capacity, it can prove significantly helpful through the difficult stages in Remnant 2.

To find the Tear of Kaeula, you must get to the altar in a dungeon within Yaesha. Once you pick it up, the boss fight with Kauela’s Shadow will start in Remnant 2. Take out the boss and benefit from the buffs it provides you.

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