How To Carry More Dragon Hearts In Remnant 2

Having extra relics and carrying more dragon hearts can help restore your health and continue your Remnant 2 adventures.

In Remnant 2, having extra relics and carrying more dragon hearts can help restore your health and continue your adventures. Sure, you can find a workaround by upgrading your weapons and picking up the fight to leave your opponents devastated, but upgrading your weapons is another demanding quest.

However, these fights will still challenge you to your core, requiring you to have more health. This is where the dragon hearts come in. Finding dragon hearts is yet another challenge. Having extra Dragon hearts can be the upper hand needed to be the last man standing against the formidable opponents of the Remnant 2.

Sounds tempting, right? Fortunately, this guide tells you how to carry more Dragon Hearts. So, without any further ado, let’s get going!

How to increase Dragon Heart capacity in Remnant 2

When searching for more dragon hearts, you must know where to find them. First of all, you need to head to Wallace. You can find him in the Ward 13 of the game. More specifically, you can discover Wallace after crossing the Mutator Merchant. Proceed by going up the stairs after entering the stairs.

Talk to him, and you will get the option to increase the capacity of Dragon Hearts. The price for carrying more dragon hearts is:

Once you get your hands on these materials, carrying more dragon hearts is as simple as talking to Wallace and buying the upgrade. This upgrade can help you go a long way since it also increases the capacity for all the Relics selected in the slot.


Alternate way to increase Dragon Hearts’ capacity

Since you’re searching for the answer to “how to carry more dragon hearts in Remnant 2”, we thought it necessary to tell you about an alternative way! Certain items in Remnant 2 allow you to increase the capacity for specific items you find.

One such item is a ring named “The Tear of Kaeula.” This ring will enable you to carry two more Relics and consequently increase the capacity of dragon hearts. Finding the Tear of Kaeula will allow you to carry more dragon hearts than you might have after upgrading the capacity through Wallace.

While this alternative route isn’t a permanent solution for increasing your dragon heart capacity, it can prove significantly helpful through the difficult stages in Remnant 2.

Although there are different ways to get The Tear of Kaeula in the game, you can find it during the main story quest in Yaesha. With these extra hearts, you can continue your journey and find the exciting things the game offers!

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