How To Unlock The Gunslinger Archetype In Remnant 2

The Gunslinger archetype is a pre-order bonus that you can still unlock in Remnant 2 by crafting its Iron Cylinder Engram.

The Gunslinger archetype is a favorite class among players due to its range-based attacks and ammo preservation skills in Remnant 2. Those who pre-ordered the game received the Gunslinger as a pre-order bonus. Those who did not can, though, still unlock the archetype through progression.

The Gunslinger is an ideal class if you have ambitions of crafting a range-based build using guns, bows, and crossbows. This mid-range DPS class possesses brilliant perks and skills while focusing mainly on reserving ammo. While unlocking the Gunslinger, you’ll also get your hands on two vital jewelry pieces.

The entire process of unlocking this archetype is pretty straightforward. However, you will require patience as you deal with Mudtooth, the infamous storyteller.

Lucky for you, the Gunslinger can be unlocked quite early in the game.

How to unlock the Gunslinger archetype in Remnant 2

If you already have the Gunslinger archetype, you can just straight away select it as a starting class when doing a new playthrough in Remnant 2. Otherwise, you have to craft the Iron Cylinder Engram to unlock the Gunslinger which requires the following crafting materials:

  • 1000x Scrap
  • 10x Lumenite Crystals
  • 1x Worn Cylinder

Lumenite Crystals can be obtained during your journey by defeating the bosses and enemies. On the other hand, Scrap, the currency of the game, will be accumulated through different missions.


Obtaining the Worn Cylinder requires some extra effort, however. The entire process takes place in Ward 13, where you’ll find an oldie named Mudtooth. This old fella loves telling stories.

You’ll have to sit back and listen to his infamous tales for a while. Once he’s out of stories, he’ll reward you with important items like the worn cylinder that will allow you to unlock this class.

The Worn Cylinder location in Ward 13

The entire process of Remnant 2 Gunslinger unlock begins in Ward 13. Ward 13 is an interesting place and houses loads of secrets. It is also the area of the game with the most NPCs.

The character you’ll be dealing with here is Mudtooth. You’ll find him slacking around beside his friend Reggie. Mudtooth will make you listen to dozens of stories before giving you what you’re looking for. It’s important you patiently listen to all his tales.

There’s something important you need to know here. After completing your first world and making your way through the Labyrinth, you’ll have to find Mudtooth in Ward 13 and converse with him.

After listening to countless stories, he’ll lauds you on your patience and rewards you with the Gunslinger’s ring. This boosts your Firearm swap speed and reload speed.

After completing the second world, you’ll have to visit Mudtooth again. Go on over to Ward 13 and find Mudtooth. Ask Mudtooth to tell you stories.

After hitting you with a dozen of stories, he’ll be very grateful for the time you’ve given him. To thank you, he’ll reward you with two items. These include the Gunslinger’s charm necklace and the Worn cylinder.

The necklace increases your Fire rate and Reload speed, giving you an edge in combat. On the other hand, the Worn Cylinder and other items must be taken to Wallace who crafts all of your Engrams in Remnant 2.

What to do with the Worn Cylinder in Remnant 2?

Once you have completed everything stated above and possess all the requirements, it’s time to meet Wallace. You can search for him in the Dock areas of Ward 13.

Once you find him, you’ll have to interact with him. Wallace will ask for the Worn cylinder, Lumenite Crystals, and Scrap. After providing these items, he’ll craft you the Iron Cylinder.

The Iron Cylinder is the key to unlocking the Gunslinger. By slotting the item as your prime or sub-archetype item, you can unlock the Gunslinger archetype as a whole. And there you have it.

Remnant 2 Worn Cylinder bug – not dropping

Some players have reportedly been unable to get the Worn Cylinder in Remnant 2. Even after completing all three worlds, Mudtooth fails to hand over the item to them.

Well, it is important to know that you’ll have to converse with Mudtooth from time to time between worlds. Each time, he’ll give you different items. Listen to all of his stories to be rewarded.

Another important step to note is that you’ll receive an item from the second-world boss. That item must be given to the keeper in the Labyrinth. Once this step is performed, Mudtooth will give you the Worn Cylinder.

At times, players who play in adventure mode also face this difficulty. It would be best to play in Survival mode to obtain the Worn Cylinder.

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