How To Get And Use Mutators In Remnant 2

Mutators play an important role in Remnant 2 allowing you to add extra effects onto your weapons. We explain everything about them here.

Mutators are a crucial aspect of the gameplay in Remnant 2 as they boost your weapon abilities. They also provide them with unique effects which range from boosts in passive skills and other weapon stats. These boosts can make you much more deadly and allow you to shred any opposition you face.

You can easily use the mutators on each weapon, as every gun in Remnant 2 comes with a mutator slot. This provides you with the opportunity to customize your weapons according to the opposition you face. You can outplay the enemies by choosing mutators that will help you in benefitting from the enemy’s weakness. 

Since you can use these with all kinds of weapons, it becomes essential to understand how to get them in Remnant 2. 

How to get the Mutators in Remnant 2 

You can get your hands on mutators in Remnant 2 in two different ways. The first method involves paying scrap or relic dust to Dwell. You can find this merchant in Ward 13 and spend the mentioned currency to purchase the required mutators. Additionally, if you are out of cash, follow the other way. 

Additionally, you can battle against the bosses to gain mutators as a reward. Every boss will drop some items, and sometimes those will include mutators. You can equip them right after you defeat them. 

How to use Mutators in Remnant 2 

Remnant 2 Mutators allows players to customize their weapons to enjoy a significant boost in their required stats.

Every single weapon contains a mutator slot, making it possible to customize ranged and melee weapons. You can select the weapons according to the situation and use the mutators according to the boosts required. 

You can use mutators without worrying about energy, as this equipment is free in Remnant 2. Moreover, you have the option to remove and change mutators freely as many times as you want. This makes it possible to test new combinations and come up with a more suitable build.

Mutators become more powerful as you level them up in Remnant 2. The upgradation requires Corrupted Lumenite and Scrap. However, the investment will significantly improve the special effects making you much more deadly.

List of all available Mutators in Remnant 2

There are several mutators present as an option for melee and ranged weapons in Remnant 2. You can equip any according to your needs and situation. 

Bandit Ranged Your chance of receiving the ammo back into your magazine improves upon hit. 
Battery Ranged Improves the weak spot hit after landing a ranged attack. 
Bulletweaver Ranged Improves the fire rate of the weapon upon using the mod. 
Deadly Calm Ranged The damage output will improve if you continuously aim. 
Dervish Melee Improves the melee damage for a particular period. 
Disengage Melee Improves the next Backdash Evade attack after the melee strike. 
Failsafe Ranged Improves the damage output of the attached mod. 
Feedback Ranged Generates a single charge value as passive mod power upon the usage of this weapon’s mod. 
Ghost Shell Ranged The fourth consecutive weak spot hit deals boosted damage. 
Harmonizer Ranged Boosts mod damage by a certain percentage. 
Lithely Ranged Increase the reload speed for every enemy killed between the reloads. 
Misfortune Melee Improves melee damage against enemies suffering from negative effects. 
Momentum Ranged Critical hit improves critical strike chance and damage. 
Overdrive Melee It improves the melee critical chance and damage through critical hits. 
Refunder Ranged After landing hits, you will receive a certain percentage of the spent ammo. 
Reinvigorate Melee Your charged melee attacks will cost a lower amount of stamina. 
Resentment Melee You deal increased melee damage when your grey health is active. 
Shield Breaker Melee Gains a shield by performing melee attacks. 
Slayer Ranged Your next attack after the reload deals more damage. 
Steadfast Melee Your charged melee attacks cannot be interrupted, and you receive damage reduction against all kinds of attacks. 
Striker Melee Your melee hits deal extra damage to the enemies. 
Supercharger Ranged Your charge speed for the fusions rifles and bows increases.  
Timewave Ranged You can apply a slow status effect within a specific area. 
Transference Melee Your melee hits will increase your ammo reserves for the firearms. 
Transpose Ranged You can improve your ranged damage by picking ammo. 
Twisting Bounds Ranged Improves your ranged damage against bleeding enemies. 
Vampire Blade Melee Your melee damage improves if you are close to a bleeding enemy. 
Vengeful Strike Melee Below 50 percent health you will receive a boost in your melee damage. 
Weaponlord Melee Next-charged attacks increase due to basic melee attacks. 

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