Remnant 2 Dark Conduit Dungeon Guide

The Dark Conduit is another dungeon location that you are going to come across while exploring the world of N'erud in Remnant 2.

The Dark Conduit is another dungeon location that you are going to come across while exploring the world of N’erud in Remnant 2.

It contains storage areas and crafts that were used to resupply the planet before it was taken over by hostiles. There are several events and activities to complete here, including two mini-bosses. The Dark Conduit area was

Do note that the Dark Conduit has a lot of procedurally generated events. We are going to be listing down all of them but you will only encounter some of them during your playthrough.

How to get to the Dark Conduit in Remnant 2

The Dark Conduit dungeon is located in an unmarked and unnamed lair that can only be found by exploring the world of N’erud in Remnant 2.

What you need to be looking out for is an elevator entrance on the barren lands. It is going to take you down into a lair with a robot sitting inside of a spaceship and a console in front of it.

The entrance elevator to the Dark Conduit in Remnant 2.

Remember the console as you will be required to interact with it at the end of your exploration. Roam around the lair until you find a passage that takes you into the dungeon


Due to the randomness of the maps in Remnant 2, it is very hard to give an exact pin on the location. Here are a few tips for you to use to access the Dark Conduit dungeon.

  • You must look out in the areas of N’Erud where you’ve found the supply pods. It could be in several areas such as the Abyssal Rift, Eon Vault, and Timeless Horizon.
  • There’s a higher chance for the elevator to be visible if you start at Seeker’s Rest checkpoint.
  • If all fails, defeat the final boss Sha’Hala and reroll the game in Adventure mode.

How to complete the Dark Conduit in Remnant 2

Compared to any other dungeon in Remnant 2, the Dark Conduit is one of the easier ones to complete as it requires you to follow the red-highlighted areas of the map. You just need to find a way to switch on the power for the terminal at the beginning of the lair by completing the Loose Fuse event

As you progress your way to find the Loose Fuse event, you’ll encounter some side quests and boss fights that will let you secure bonus loot items such as secret weapons, rings, and relics.

Keep in mind the whole state of the map will vary for every player, some will find all of the events in this guide and some might experience them in other areas such as the Hatchery, The Putrid Domain, or The Vault of the Formless.

Find the Loose Fuse

The Loose Fuse is located somewhere in the middle of the Dark Conduit dungeon in Remnant 2. You are going to find a large column next to a locked, red door. The column is going to have two fuses, one of which needs to be fully inserted.

Interact with it to fix the loose fuse, which will unlock the red door. Head through to get your hands on the Crystal Heart relic.

Complete the Stasis Pod Chamber

The Stasis Pod Chamber can spawn in both the Dark Conduit and the Vault of the Formless in Remnant 2. This is a fairly easy event to complete.

Make your way to the end of the large room with the Stasis Pod towers until your path is blocked by a broken platform. Then wait for the giant robot arm to move into position. When the arm starts moving the platform, jump on it and then jump to your right again on another platform.

If you are still alive, you are going to find the Atom Splitter, one of the best melee weapons you can find in Remnant 2. If miss the jump, you will spawn at the nearest checkpoint, so you can try again.

Defeat WD 109 in the Robot Hanger

If you see a large storage area with robots and robot parts, you have stumbled into the Robot Hanger. There are also going to be two locked doors here, one of which has the Excess Coil ring.

If you go ahead and defeat the WD 109 mini-boss, you will not be able to get the ring. You will only get the Transpose mutator.

What you need to do is lure WD 109 towards the door and make sure that it attacks the door to open it. Stand in front of the door and evade at the last minute so that the boss’ attack lands on the locked door.

That is how you can open the door for the Excess Coil ring.

Defeat the Progeny

Another one of the boss fights many of the players will encounter in the Dark Conduit Dungeon is the battle with an insect-like creature Progeny.

Hidden inside a chamber with a heavily secured door requires the player to find the Aerary Glyph item that unlocks the door and begins the battle.

The boss itself is accompanied by a few robots. Defeating it will reward you with some scraps, ammunition, and the Disengage mutator.

Survive the Flooded Room

Your parkour skills are going to be tested in the Flooded Room event in Remnant 2. As the name suggests, you need to climb out of a flooding room or else drown in the rising waters.

You need to start the Flooded Room event by interacting with the control panel in front of you. Be ready because you are only going to have a limited time to get all of the items inside the room.

There are three items scattered around the flooding room. It is possible to get all three in a single run:

Activate the Supply Ship

After fixing the fuse and exploring the dungeon head back to the start of the lair where the supply ship is present. You’ll see a terminal glowing in front of the supply ship that has been activated by inserting the fuse back into its place. Interact with it after you’ve found all of the 5 supply pods located in Abyssal Rift, Eon Vault, and Timeless Horizon.

The ship will be launched into the air where it’ll collect all 5 of the pods the player interacted with and return with the following secret weapon and loot.

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