Remnant 2 The Progeny Boss Guide

The Progeny is a beefed up version of the Slug parasite enemy in Remnant 2 and is classified as a mini-boss. Here's how to defeat it.

In Remnant 2, the Progeny is a mini-boss you will face while playing the game. It is the beefed-up version of the Slug parasite. You’ll find that it has the same fighting style but is a bit larger in size.

The Progeny likes to charge at you and that can catch you off guard. It also has aberration on it which gives it more health, damage, and gives attributes like thick skin, teleport etc.

We will now see where you can find this enemy and how to defeat it Remnant 2. 

Where to find The Progeny in Remnant 2 

In Remnant 2, the world is randomly generated and that means that we cannot pinpoint the location of the boss. However, there are a few locations this boss spawns and you can check them out to possibly find him. The first area is in the Hatchery. Other than that you can find it in the Dark Conduit and the Putrid Domain

As you are moving through any of the areas mentioned. You will find Parasites of different sizes as minions and Elite enemies. 

How to defeat The Progeny in Remnant 2 

The Progeny spawns when you reach a point where there are three floors in a large room. This is a simple boss and will be accompanied by some Robot Grunts. This support will come after some time so you don’t have to worry much about that yet.


The Progeny has three attack patterns. First, it will charge and then hurl toward you and use its tentacles to deal damage.

Next, it will roar and sweep its claws around itself to deal damage. Finally, it will charge by lifting its claws in the air and swiping its claws in front. 

Now dealing with this mini-boss is easier thanks to the large arena. It also has a weak point that you can take advantage of. This is the head.

Other than that the attacks it performs can be easily dodged. You can easily avoid this damage and retaliate quickly.

Rewards for defeating the Progeny 

When the Progeny is killed, you will be given many smaller items like iron, scrap, some handgun ammo, and some long gun ammo. You will also get a mutator called Disengage. 

The Disengage is a normal mutator that provides an enhancement in the melee attacks. This mutator increases the damage from the Backdash Evade attack by 4% for up to 7.5 seconds.

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