How To Get Atom Splitter In Remnant 2

Atom Splitter is a unique colossal sword in Remnant 2 that can be obtained as a loot from any dungeons in N'eurd region, Vault of the Formless

Atom Splitter in Remnant 2 is a behemoth sword initially designed to break rocks, but it can also easily break enemies’ skulls. A massive weapon to wield, this sword is a unique melee weapon. Melee weapons add more flavor to the game by making the combat much more personal, and no weapon does it better than the legendary Atom Splitter.

Atom Splitter can’t be crafted and can only be obtained as loot from a specific area in the game. Finding this colossal sword is not an easy task, but this is what we are here for. The following guide will not only take you to the exact location of the Atom Splitter but also tell you of its secrets and the unique build around it.

Atom Splitter location in Remnant 2

Atom Splitter in Remnant 2 is exclusive to the N’Eurd region and can be obtained from any dungeon as a lucky drop. However, there is a surefire way to obtain this colossal sword from the Vault of the Formless.

Before obtaining Atom Splitter, remember that this vault is full of powerful foes and elites. These enemies can survive much damage and, in return, can dish out massive damage to you. Make sure to stock up on supplies and ammo before making this journey.

Make your way through the Vault of the Formless until you reach the last checkpoint. The trek through the vault is straightforward and doesn’t offer deviating paths. From the checkpoint, turn left to reach a platform in an open area. This open area is the only way to access the Atom Splitter room.

There is nowhere else to go from there. Wait there and look out for three mechanical arms to appear. These arms lock into the rotating machine (conducting electricity) and pull out a platform. Don’t be hasty and wait for the right moment. Jump on the platform once it is within range.


This can take a lot of tries, but with the checkpoint so close by, there is nothing to worry about. Once on the platform, turn back and jump once more to reach another platform with an open door. A tip, let the first platform go up a bit before making the jump.

Enter the room to find an opening on the meshed floor. Jump through this opening and interact with the glowing object to obtain the Atom Splitter sword in Remnant 2.

Atom Splitter stats, weapon mods, and Mutators

Like the other unique weapons, Atom Splitter can also be upgraded to +10 with the help of proper materials. It does 100 damage at a base level, and the maximum damage done by this colossal sword at level 10 is 200 (with 10 Attack Power increments with each upgrade).

Atom Splitter has a 6% Stagger modifier with a 5% chance of Critical Strike. It also deals an additional 90% damage to the enemy’s weak spots.

Atom Splitter in Remnant 2 has a unique weapon mod called Fission Strike. If you immediately follow this evade by a strike attack, this colossal sword sends a vertical wave of fission energy toward the enemies.

This attack deals 150 damage to every single enemy within a 20m radius. This attack can be charged to increase the range of the attack to 60m and damage to 187. The Fission Strike mod can’t be removed from the sword.

Like all weapons, Atom Splitter also has a spot for mutators, and players can insert any melee mutator (from 13 total) to further enhance the devastating power of this sword.

Atom Splitter builds

Unlike many melee weapons, Atom Splitter can create a special endgame build in Remnant 2 known as High-Tech Sentinel. This build revolves around heavy machinery, powerful melee weapons, and high survivability chances against massive foes at the cost of speed. These are the following weapons/gear required for this build.

  • Long Gun; Plasma Cutter (+10) with Heat Sink weapon Mod and Momentum (+10) ranged weapon mutator.
  • Handgun; Enigma (+10) with Chaos Driver Weapon Mod and Harmonizer (+10) ranged weapon mutator.
  • Melee Weapon; Atom Splitter (+10) with Fission Strike weapon mod and Weaponlord (+10) melee weapon mutator.
  • Amulet; Range Finder (increases range of weapons by 10% with each kill up to 30% for 10 seconds), Death’s Embrace (+20% attack damage if not at full health, increased speed when below half health).
  • Rings; Probability Cord (30% more critical damage), Braided Thorns (+15% chance for critical strike after killing an enemy), Grounding Stone (10% more shock damage and =15 shock-resistance), Mechanic’s Cog (15% additional speed while carrying Engineer Weapon).
  • Relic; Dragon Heart (heals 70 health)
  • Traits; Vigor (level 10), Expertise (level 10), Swiftness (level 10), Endurance (level 6), Barkskin (level 10), Glutton (level 9), and Footwork (level 10).

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