How To Get The Star Shot In Remnant 2

This Remnant 2 guide will walk you through the process of how you can get your hands on a Star Shot Handgun.

Star Shot in Remnant 2 is one of those weapons that is true to its name. The small form factor of the handgun packs quite the punch. The Star shot fires a concentrated blast of Plasma. The projectile coming out acts as an explosive that goes boom upon impact.

You are in luck because this secret weapon doesn’t require farming for materials so you can craft it. Instead, you will receive it as a reward for completing an event. Let’s take a plunge and find out more about this pocket nuke in Remnant 2.

How to get the Star Shot hand gun in Remnant 2

Star Shot can is rewarded to you for completing the Supply Shift event. If you are wondering where the event might take place then let it be known that the event can be found in N’Erud.

Now let’s talk about what the Supply Shift event entails. Throughout N’Erud you will find shiny metal pods which look a lot like a coffin with blinking red lights. You will find these all around the region more specifically in Abyssal Rift, Eon Vault, Phantom Wasteland, and Timeless Horizon.

The locations of these pods are randomized and can take a long time to come across all of them. These pods are not supposed to laying around but due to a fault in the supply ship, they have not been collected yet.

To successfully complete the Supply Ship event and get the Star Shot in Remnant 2, you have to activate all the pods and fix the ship so they can be collected. Now there are a couple of ways to go about this but we have got the best course of action for you.

Find and activate Pods

Arrow Pointing to Pods to be Located

If you are starting your adventure in N’Erud, then you should come across these pods on various occasions. There are going to be 5 pods in total.

Now you can either fix the supply ship then start the hunt for the pods. Or you can activate the pods, as you come across them and once you have activated all of them, you can go and fix the supply ship.

Both methods have the same outcome but the prior gives you more freedom to mess around without getting bound to one specific objective. Also, you are going to have to get back to the supply ship to collect the reward anyways.

You should also be careful because a lot of the time, pods are not going to be the only thing you find. Often times there are going to be enemies around so you have to deal with them as well. Once you have all the pods activated, it is time to move on to the next objective.

Locate The Dark Conduit dungeon

The step is going to be locating the dungeon. You will find it around the areas where you found the pods. The entrance to the underground lair will look like a platform/lift that will take you to the lower level.

Arrow Pointing To Dark Conduit Dungeon Entrance

Once you have found it, just head inside and you will see a giant robot-like ship with a console to activate it in front. Remember the location of the console because you have to come back here again. Roam around the area a little bit and you will find the entrance to the dungeon.

Clear the dungeon and fix the Fuse

Once you enter the dungeon, you will be welcomed by tons of monsters. Kill them all and explore the rest of the dungeon. At the end of the dungeon, you will find a fuse that is not properly placed. Interact with it to bring the power back to the supply ship and complete the dungeon.

Remnants 2 Fixing The Fuze in Dark Conduit Dungeon

Activate the Supply Ship

Upon completing the dungeon, you will need to come back to the console that we previously mentioned at the start of the underground lair. Interact with it to activate the supply ship. With that said, your work here is complete. The ship will go out and collect all the pods you had activated.

It will bring them back with it and once the supply ship is back, all of the pods will be opened and you will be free to collect the reward a.k.a the Star Shot. The opened pods will be at the lower level where the supply ship is.

In Remnant 2, you will not only receive the Star Shot for completing the Supply Ship event but you will also receive Scraps, Irons, Galvanized Resupply Band, and Difference Engine.

Star Shot Weapon Mods in Remnant 2

The Star Shot comes pre-applied with the Big Bang Mod. Instead of shooting a single, less powerful shot, you can hold the trigger and charge it. It will launch a giant shot. This charged shot will deal more damage and will have a larger AoE.

Apart from the mod, the weapon is great at close to mid-range combat. It can easily shake your enemies to the core within the 21m range. The Star Shot also has a 10% chance of staggering your enemies. It is a solid pick for all Archetypes and a wide variety of builds.

Remnant 2 Star Shot weapon glitch

There have been a couple of instances, as reported by players, where the Star Shot has appeared before you can even find all 5 of the pods in Remnant 2.

If you have even managed to find 3 or 4 of them and you have found the dungeon, you can check the lower level where the reward is supposed to be. You might find the weapon already present there.

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