How To Get To The Eon Vault In Remnant 2

Eon Vault in Remnant 2 is an open area in N'Erud that requires your time to explore this area to find valuable items.

Eon Vault in Remnant 2 is an open area in N’Erud that requires your time to explore this area to find valuable items. You will most likely find a completely different layout of the Eon Vualt because of the randomization. You should explore the Vault so you do not miss any items.

Apart from exploring, getting to Eon Vault can be hastening and troublesome. But do not worry; this guide will help you to get to the Vault.

Eon Vault location in Remnant 2

Well, you can get to the Eon Vault directly. The first thing that you need to do is complete a dungeon. You can complete the Putrid Domain dungeon or Hatchery Dungeon to access it. You will automatically enter the Eon vault after you take the exit from the dungeon.

Eon vault is not a vault but an open area in N’Erud, where you will find many other locations and valuable items. The best time to explore the Eon Vault is when doing the Forgotten Prison quest, where you must complete the objective of finding the Soul Sparks.

After getting the (search for Soul Sparks) objective, turn around and get on the elevator. After getting up, move ahead, and you will reach Abyssal Rift.

Look around in the Abyssal Rift for an elevator, as shown in the image above. After finding the elevator, get on to descend to Hatchery or Putrid Domain Dungeon. After getting off, take two left, and you will enter a large room.


Walk to the end of the room and turn left, where you will enter the Hatchery or Putrid Domain Dungeon. Now you must complete the dungeon. After completing the dungeon, take the exit, and you will find yourself in the open area, Eon Vault.

Valuable items and events in Eon Vault

As mentioned earlier, Eon Vault in Remnant 2 is bursting with valuable items, but you cannot find these items lying around. After completing the Supply Ship event, you will get a few items like Star Shot, Galvanized Resupply Band, and Difference Engine.

Other items like Alien Device, Blasting Cap Ring, and Technician Set are in secret passage. Lastly, Soul Sparks is in the pyramid with the yellow lights. Explore the whole area, and you will most likely find these items.

Apart from these items, you will face many enemies, which include:

  • Battle Drone
  • Parasite
  • Baby Parasite
  • Slug Parasite
  • Robot Grunt

Luckily, there are no bosses in Remnant 2 Eon Vault.

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