Remnant 2 WD 109 Boss Guide

The WD 109 boss is an optional one in the Aberrations category. It looks like a buffed-up Robot Grunt and acts as such too.

Remnant 2 has many different bosses found in different areas which can net you valuable loot and a chance to test yourself. WD 109 is one such boss that appears like a robot-like creature. He is similar to the Robot Grunts you will find roaming about. 

This robot is an optional mini-boss with a lot of health than the normal robots and a red corruption on it. This corruption will provide it with buffs such as more health or teleportation or thick skin etc.

We have made this article to help you find out where the boss is and how to defeat it in Remnant 2.

Where to find WD 109 in Remnant 2 

The WD 109 is an optional boss and you can find it in two areas. One is in the Void Vessel Facility. The second area where you can find the robot boss is in The Putrid Domain. You can find this creature in the circular room inside both places. 

The boss battle will start after it lands on the ground from the roof of the circular room. This room also leads to other rooms where you can find more valuable loot.

The other rooms will only open up when Robot Grunts emerge from them. 


How to defeat WD 109 in Remnant 2 

As you reach the circular room, you will find a red glowing robot in front of you. Now the battle against the WD 109 boss will commence in Remnant 2. It will be a challenging boss especially when it is aided by the Robot Grunts. They will come out of the doors around the room.  

These Robot Grunts will either start running toward you or fire from a distance. Their number will also increase as the battle commences. The only good thing about them is that they have low health and a few bullets will take care of them. So it’s better to take them out quickly.

Now, WD 109 also moves and fights like the Robot Grunts. It has only one attack pattern in which it will swing its laser sword toward you. The range is high so you will need to dodge at the right time. The good news is that it has a long recovery time so you can get a couple of attacks in of your own.

It will also deploy a shield in front of it which will protect it from your shots until you break it. This shield will regenerate after some time. You will need to use attacks that can bypass the boss’ shield. 

The fight with the robot is a bit irksome if you take on it alone. However, co-op play may make this easier as one person can distract the boss while the other can damage it. This will make the fight a walk in the park. 

Rewards for defeating WD 109 

When you have defeated the boss you will receive experience as an Mutator called the Transpose. This increases the Ranged damage dealt to enemies by 10% for 20 seconds.

You’ll also find the Excess Coil ring that provides a Shield up to 25% of your max health whenever you use a skill. 

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