Best Secondary Weapons In Remnant 2

Here are the best secondary weapons for you to rely on when your primary needs a rest in Remnant 2. Pick the one best for your build.

Remnant 2 has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch, and players are loving this action-packed game where you complete missions in different realms and fight dreadful bosses. The game is loaded with all sorts of weapons you can use to your advantage.

Although Long Guns take the primary slot in this game, you must not undermine the importance of Handguns, the Secondary weapons in Remnant 2. Handguns can give you a great edge while fighting enemies and bosses, especially in mid to close-range combat.

The game houses up to 19 secondary weapons making it difficult for players to choose. You don’t have to bear that burden as we’ll outline the best Secondary Weapons in Remnant 2. After going through this guide, you’ll know exactly which weapon to go for with the build you are using,

The best secondary weapons in Remnant 2

Secondary Weapons, or Hand Guns in Remnant 2, serve as your Backup Weapons; you can find each firearm differently. Some may have to be crafted, while others must be picked up from merchants or found along the way.

Ultimately, the question always comes to “Which weapon is the best.” Well, here’s your answer.

Double Barrel

The Double Barrel is probably the best and most powerful secondary weapon in Remnant 2. Ideal for medium to close-range combat, this brilliant handgun can blow the brains out of your enemy’s skulls.


This handgun deals the highest base damage in its category and only gets better with upgrades. If we talk statistically, the damage can increase from 121 at Level 1 to 330 at Level 20. Using a weapon with this much damage could shred your enemies to pieces.

The Double Barrel works best inside a range of 7m. A brilliant stat it poses is the +100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus which can help eliminate your enemies instantly. On top of that, it has a modest Critical Hit Chance of 5% and a 10% Stagger Modifier, adding to the brilliance of this weapon.

This standard weapon comes without Weapon Mods and Mutators, but you can always equip them in empty slots. Sadly, the Double Barrel is a poor choice for long-range combat. Moreover, its small magazine size is also a downer.

Rupture Canon

The Rupture Canon is another secondary weapon in Remnant 2 that makes this list. This pistol shotgun with a rather hideous design is a great option for medium to close-range combats. This weapon greatly damages your enemies and poses other brilliant stats you can use to your advantage.

This secondary weapon has an abrupt fire rate that will bury your enemy in the ground. It operates ideally in a 13m range which is pretty decent for a Hand Gun.

On top of that, the weapon boasts a 100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus that will help cause great damage to the bosses in the game. The 5% Critical Hit Chance and 10% Stagger Modifier add to this weapon’s brilliance.

Coming to the cons, the Rupture Canon falls short when you consider its medium Recoil, which reduces the accuracy of this weapon. Moreover, its slow reload speed can be deadly for you when dealing with enemies.

Adding to this, the weapon comes without any Weapon Mods and Mutators, but that won’t stop you from equipping them within the empty slots.


The Nebula handgun is a brilliant weapon that can be categorized as one of the best secondary weapons in Remnant 2. Unlocking it will require you to go through an enjoyable quest. This weapon is ideally used in medium to short-range combat.

A major plus point to this weapon is its incredible rapid-fire speeds with an RPS of 8. A magazine holding 55 ammo complements this. These rapid bursts will significantly damage your enemies, but try not to run out of Ammo in one go.

A unique feature the Nebula offers is the toxic Acid Gas stream it unleashes on enemies. This applies the Corroded effect that deals major damage to enemies. The weapon also fires a gas cloud that will suffocate your enemies.

Adding to the perks, the Nebula has a cool Weapon Mod Called Nano Swarm. The Mod unleashes Nanomachines, which cause Acid Damage to your enemies and can be of great use for crowd control in battle. This weapon is a great choice if you’re using the challenger archetype.

The downers of this weapon include poor accuracy, no Critical Hit Chance, no Weak Spot Damage Bonus, and a poor Stagger Modifier.


The Enigma is another brilliant Hand Gun in Remnant 2 and is a great choice for crowd control. This weapon is perfect for close to medium-range combat and offers decent accuracy to take your enemies down. The weapon is pretty unique and unleashes an electrical stream on enemies dealing great damage.

The Chaos Driver Weapon Mod equipped on this Hand Gun is as unique as the weapon itself. When applied, it fired electrified rods that impale your enemies and tether them to other electric rods. This provides very high shock damage to your enemies, lasting about 10 seconds.

Sadly, the Enigma performs poorly regarding Critical Hit Chance and Weak Spot Damage Bonus. On top of that, the Stagger Modifier is also quite disappointing. Regardless, the weapon works great in tight spaces and inside close range. Its shock damage can come in quite handy.

Cube Gun

The Cube Gun is a unique secret handgun in Remnant 2 and is one of the best secondary weapons in the game. The robust design and the stats this gun pose make it a heavy hitter. This powerhouse of a gun boasts very high accuracy and is ideal for medium-range combat.

The Cube Gun fires energy cubes and possesses a 7.5 RPS giving it an enormous fire rate. Moreover, you will never run out of Ammo with this gun, as every round of Ammo you fire will flash right back into your gun each time a target is hit. This weapon deals a decent amount of damage and can come in handy in close-quarte combats.

An interesting feature this handgun hails is its Cube Shield Weapon Mod. Activating this Weapon Mod will generate a cube shield that absorbs damage from your enemy’s attacks.

The Cube Shield is also fired on reactivation and damages all enemies that cross its path. This weapon’s other perks include an 85% Weak Spot Damage Bonus and a 5% Critical Hit Chance.

No mutators are on this weapon, but you can equip them in empty slots. Overall, this weapon is a force to reckon with.


The MP60-R is amongst the top secondary weapons in Remnant 2. This submachine gun has a brilliant RPS of 14.2 and is one of the game’s weapons with the best fire rate. Moreover, its damage potential adds to its brilliance, and you can use it to demolish your enemies in close to medium-range combat.

The MP60-R vaunts great accuracy to target your enemies better. Targeting Weak Spots can grant a Weak Spot Damage Bonus of 100%. Moreover, the handgun also offers a 10% Critical Hit Chance that will knock your enemies out.

This SMG is ideal for close-range combat thanks to its rapid-fire rate, which also deals great damage. Sadly, this handgun comes without Weapon Mods and mutators, but you can equip them in empty slots and make this weapon far superior.

Bolt Driver

The Bolt Driver is another worthy handgun that needs to be mentioned in our list of best secondary weapons in Remnant 2.

Featuring a high firing rate with impressive damage in close-quarter combat, consider pulling out the Bolt Driver when running into tight spaces. Its high accuracy and close-range effectiveness will let you clear rooms easily.

The Bolt Driver comes with a massive 105 percent damage bonus to weak spots but at the cost of a low critical hit chance. With an equally disappointing stagger modifier, the purpose of the weapon is to simply cut down enemies on the go.


The Sorrow is a crossbow pistol that is great for medium to long-range combat. It delivers powerful blows to your enemies, putting them to rest once and for all.

Its great accuracy allows you to target the weak spots of your enemies, which is complemented by the 115% Weak Spot Damage Bonus. On top of that, its Critical Hit Chance and Stagger Modifier are also quite decent.

The Sorrow is loaded with a Weapon Mod known as Eulogy. This is an interesting Mod that damages enemies and grants you health. Basically, this Mod allows you to recall bolts after firing them. Bolts that strike enemies while returning will cause damage to them and grant 2% of Max HP to your character.

Overall, this is a decent weapon to have in your loadout.

To equip the Sorrow Handgun, check out the following guide:


The Hellfire flamethrower is a crazy-looking handgun that you can equip to burn your enemies alive. This gun is a menace in short-range encounters with enemies as it can inflict Burning on anything that comes in its way.

This secondary weapon is equipped with a Weapon Mod called Explosive Shot, which turns this handgun into a grenade launcher. The Mod allows this gun to launch explosive shots that deal very high damage to enemies in close range.

A big downer to this weapon is its small range. You cannot use this weapon in encounters beyond 8 meters, and it is no good against bosses. However, equipping it with certain amulets can transform this handgun into something incredible.


The Meridian is a brilliant secondary weapon to have in your loadout as it serves best in close-ranged combat. This handgun is basically a grenade launcher that spits grenades that explode after a specific time. The grenades deal high damage in their AOE and can blast your enemies.

The Meridian features a powerful Weapon Mod called the Screamer that transforms the weapon into a rocket launcher. The rockets can cause up to 200 damage and can shred your enemies apart.

Besides how brilliant the Meridian seems, it lacks behind when it comes to Weak Spot Damage Bonus, Critical Hit Chance, and Stagger Modifier. Moreover, the grenades you launch can damage both you and your allies if you fall in their range. It lacks mutators, but you can load them in empty slots.

If you’re looking for an explosive build, this is the option to go for.

Conclusion: Which is the best secondary weapon in Remnant 2?

After reviewing the best Secondary weapons in Remnant 2, it’s time to wrap this guide up. Each weapon is unique in its way and has its perks and qualities. Some weapons deal good damage, while others have better RPS or accuracy. Other weapons may have better mods.

Ultimately, the choice always depends on you and your style of play. We hope you will find this article helpful.

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