How To Get The Double Barrel In Remnant 2

You can unlock the Double Barrel handgun by completing the Head Doctor and the Iron Safe event in Remnant 2.

Sturdy and short-barreled, Double Barreled is part of the standard Hand Gun in Remnant 2. With a cold steel body with a black comfortable grip, this gun is able to shred its enemy to pieces and is attributed to those untrustworthy of those around them.

Double Barrel shotgun demolishes enemies with its high damage and is ideal in close-ranged combat like most Hand Guns. This powerhouse can be an exceptional secondary weapon and an even better choice for those using long-ranged primary weapons.

It is available as an Alchemist archetype starting weapon and can also be found after completing the Head Doctor and The Iron Safe Event in a locked iron safe at Losomn. This guide will explain how to easily get the Double Barrel in Remnant 2.

The Double Barrel location in Remnant 2

The Double Barrel is the starting weapon of the Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2. If you are playing another class, you can unlock the short-barreled handgun by completing the Head Doctor and the Iron Safe event.

Reroll Losomn through the Adventure mode, if necessary, and start from the Morrow Parish checkpoint. Head to Morrow Parish Sanatorium and enter the Asylum through the broken window accessible through the ladder beside the checkpoint.

Make your way to the basement and interact with a locked door with the lady speaking behind it to access the event Head Doctor and the Iron Safe. The lady is the Head Doctor trapped by her own staff and will ask you to retrieve Stone-Carved Dolls which upon recovering will sing a song containing the code to the safe.  


The Stone-Carved Dolls’ locations in the Asylum

There are three stone-carved dolls in total that need to be recovered which can be found on separate floors of the Asylum:

  1. A doll can be found on the ground floor in the room right of the office containing the locked safe.
  2. Another doll can be found left of the backyard exit of the Asylum near the shed where you will fight Ripsaw.
  3. The last doll can be found in the room past the area with a giant hole in the ground on the third floor. You will need to unlock the floor using the Asylum Third Floor Key to get access.

After obtaining all three stone-carved dolls, return them to the Head Doctor in the basement who will sing a song and you just have to remember the order of the numbers mentioned.

Revisit the office on the ground floor and enter code 2971 to unlock the safe. Inside will be the Double Barrel for you to equip in Remnant 2.

Is the Double Barrel good in Remnant 2?

Double Barrel is a strong secondary weapon that makes the top list of many people due to its impactful close-quarter damage.

The Hand Gun has the highest base attack in its category and the damage only goes up with upgrades. Its kit includes a 100% weak spot damage bonus with the ability to induce stagger with its 10% Stagger Modifier.

It also includes a modest Critical Hit Chance of 5% and a smaller magazine size but is able to dish out massive close-combat damage ideally within a 7m range with a maximum hit range of 20m.

This powerhouse is an amazing secondary choice but is not without its limitations. Being a shotgun, it is less than ideal in long-ranged combat.

Additionally, it is a standard handgun meaning it has no unique mods for itself so you will have to select from the available options. These problems can however be countered with adjusting personal builds.

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