How To Get The Meridian In Remnant 2

The Meridian offers a unique experience by launching grenades that can be upgraded to mini-rockets in Remnant 2.

The Meridian is a special handgun with a rusty steelhead and elongated base in Remnant 2. It offers a unique experience by launching grenades that can be upgraded to mini-rockets.

Suffice to say, the Meridian is highly effective in close-ranged battles with massive AoE splash damage. Just make sure that you and your allies are not caught in its blasts.

Players looking to spice-up their playstyle with an interesting experience while dealing impactful damage to enemy groups will find Meridian to be an incomparable companion.

To have all the fun, it needs to be unlocked first which can be through finding the secret sewer passageway in the world of Losomn.

The Meridian location in Remnant 2

The Meridian can be found through the Flooded Sewer event which spawns a secret room in Losomn in either The Great Sewers, Tiller’s Rest, or Harvester’s Reach in Remnant 2.

This secret room will appear as a Z-formation with its entrance covered with destructible barrels and shelves with its top arch visible. If you cannot find the area then you will have to reroll Losomn in Adventure Mode.

The map location of Meridian in Remnant 2.

Take the sewage path in to jump across to the wooden structure to find the slime blocking the water pipe. Kill the slime to allow water to flow and fill the room which will take about 90 minutes in real time during which you can exit and come back to it again.

Once the water is filled, platform across the floating wooden planks into the entrance to find Meridian handgun. It will be important to not come in contact with the water or fall down which will result in character death.

The jumps can be a little tricky and may require a few tries but a few things you can look out for is to jump to the furthest point of the first floating wood from the platform or roll from the second platform. If you are still struggling, you can try equipping heavy to medium-weight armor to avoid needless rolls.

Is the Meridian good in Remnant 2?

Meridian is a great secondary weapon option whose damage is not up with the big leagues but can be nothing to scoff at.

It shines in close-ranged combat by launching grenades at the enemy which will explode on contact, dealing explosive damage within the 4m radius. This high-accuracy mini-launcher has 1.9 RPS with a magazine capacity of 5 and a max ammo capacity of 40.

Following their projectiles, these grenades can either be launched at the enemy or lobbed on the ground which will explode after certain duration. With its customized mod, Screamer, these grenades can be turned into rockets that travel straight to the enemy dealing 200 damage contained within a 2.5m radius.

It falls behind due to the absence of any critical chance, staggering abilities, and weak spot damage bonus along with its explosion radius being calculated with Amplitude Trait discrediting the mod being equipped limiting the full effect of it.

It can deal damage to self and allies making it a poor option for those focusing on glass cannon builds. Meridian’s full potential is locked behind using specific gear which can restrict or even contradict the player’s current playstyle.

Those looking to invest in building around an explosive build with heavy damage capable of targeting multiple enemies will find Meridian a rewarding choice for their build in Remnant 2.

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