How To Open Ford’s Chest In Remnant 2 

Here is how you can open Ford's Chest in his room in Ward 13 to get yourself an MP60-R submachine gun in Remnant 2.

Ford’s Chest is one of the first puzzles you are going to encounter after starting your journey in Remnant 2. The chest is locked with a safe combination dial on it. The only way to open it and find what is inside is by entering the correct four-digit code.

Read on to find out where the chest is and how to unlock it in Remnant 2.

Where to find Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2?

When you have completed the tutorial, you will be teleported to an unknown location but you can teleport back.

When you reach back to the tutorial site, you will find an NPC. You can select the not now option and stop the conversation. Next, move up the stairs in the back of him.

When the stairs end, turn right and move straight. There will be a cabin in front of you which you need to enter.

In the back of the cabin, there will be a set of stairs. Move up and continue moving straight until you find a small room to your left. In this room, you will find a chest which is Ford’s Chest.


Ford’s Chest combination code

When you have reached Ford’s Chest, you will need to unlock it but the chest does not contain the reward but only a piece of the large puzzle. This puzzle has two parts and we will look into them separately.

Surprise! The combination to Ford’s Chest was actually on you this whole time. Remeber the flashlight that Ford gave you earlier? Open your inventory and select the flashlight to inspect it. Rotate it to see its underside and you will spot the Ford’s Chest code: 0415.

Just make your way to Ford’s room and enter the code to open his chest. You are going to find a Cargo Control Key inside. Were you expecting some weapons or loot? Relax. You will get the former by using this key.

Where to use the Cargo Control Key

When you have found the key, you will need to head back towards the fast travel point. When you are near the fast travel point, move out of the warehouse and towards the containers in front of you in a distance.

There will be a fence gate in front of it and this gate will be to the right of the larger gate. If the gate is blocked, you will need to complete some quests before coming here.

If the gate is open, head through. Next move along the rubble-filled and abandoned parts until you find a green door in front of you. This door will be locked and you will need to use the key to unlock it.

When unlocked you will find your reward on the table. This is an MP60-R, which is a submachine gun with a high rate of fire and a small caliber.

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