How To Get Remnant 2 Sorrow Handgun

Let's go on the hunt to acquire Sorrow handgun in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Sorrow is a secret handgun that is useful for building a supporting character. It can also be quite effective against tough enemies as it can heal you through its mod, making the weapon special. Whether you are playing solo or in a group, having “Sorrow” at your disposal will always be beneficial.

However, getting your hands on this weapon is a multi-step process. This short guide will tell you how to get Remnant 2 Sorrow and whether it’s worth getting or not.

Remnant 2 Sorrow Handgun location and walkthrough

The first requirement before getting this weapon is getting the Tear of Kaeula from Kaeula’s Rest. Just run inside the dungeon and pick up the Tear of Kaeula from the stone in a pond.

kaeula's rest dungeon location

Kaeula’s Rest will be in Yaesha. If you can’t find it there due to the game’s procedural generation, you might have to re-roll your campaign. There is no other way to get this handgun.

After that, you will be dragged into the water and into a biome. In this biome, you will first face tentacles emerging from the water. It is recommended to fight these tentacles with a sword. If not, you can use guns, too, but it will be pretty inaccurate.

Then, after that, you will fight a tall, black, four-armed lady with a machete. As tentacles were part of the Kaeula Shadow fight, she will already have a quarter of health when she appears. So it is super easy to defeat her.

After killing the Kaeula’s Shadow, you must find The Dappled Glade in Remnant 2. There is no specific location of this place, and it will randomly spawn on the map, but most commonly, it is found in Yaesha. If you didn’t find it there, you will eventually get here at some point.

Inside The Dappled Glade, you will meet the blue lady, Meidra. She will ask you some questions; this is the critical part if you want to get the Sorrow handgun. When asked, you should select “No, this ring belongs to you.” You have to give the ring to Meidra if you want to get the handgun.

Is Sorrow a Good Gun?

Sorrow Handgun is a potent weapon with insane accuracy and massive damage. It’s unique and extraordinary because it comes with Eulogy Mod.

The Eulogy mod will recall all the bolts that had given 36 damage to the enemy. Recalled Bolts from the enemy also give you 2% of the max health. Also, the recalled bolts will overfill your Sorrow by +5, and the unused bolts will return to reserves.

You can also upgrade this weapon up to 10 times so it can deal a lot of damage on top of the Eulogy mod. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to change the Eulogy mod for Sorrow. However, you can equip one mutator in the empty slot. And if you are interested in knowing about the base stats of Sorrow, they are as following:

Range16m ideal range and 52m fallout range.
Chance of Critical Hit10%

Should You Keep the Ring or Sorrow?

While Tear of Kaeula can get you two extra charges for your relic, you should go for Sorrow gun. There is, however, a way to get both the Handgun and the ring. You can make use of the adventure mode and follow the same path to get the ring. This time, you can keep the ring as you will already have the gun. Adventure mode in Remnant 2 is a great way to get the choice-based items, so you should make use of that.

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