How To Get The Nebula In Remnant 2

You need to refuse Tal Ratha's offer to be eaten in order to get the Nebula handgun in Remnant 2. Here is what you need to do.

The Nebula handgun is easily one of the best short-range weapons to consider in Remnant 2. It has a high firing rate alongside a large magazine, two valuable features that get bundled with a powerful acid gas that does corrosive damage over time.

Its effectiveness is why the Nebula cannot be just purchased or looted for that matter. It has to be crafted by using a special unique crafting material called the Spiced Bile.

Here is how you can get it and craft the Nebula in Remnant 2.

How to get the Nebula handgun in Remnant 2

You’ll have to reroll your game to the N’Erud world to get your hands on the Nebula handgun. This is a godforsaken realm in Remnant 2, and you’ll have to reach the end of this world to fight the boss and find the item that will help you craft the weapon you desire.

Find the Spiced Bile

You’ll first have to locate Spiced Bile to craft the Nebula handgun. To begin your quest for this item, you’ll have to head back to the N’Erud world till you get the Forgotten Prison as your starting point.

From here on, you will progress through the game as usual until you reach the final boss, Tal Ratha. This nasty creature is a treacherous fella.


Once you bring the soul spark to this monster, you’ll be given two choices, whether to be eaten or not. Remember that these choices have two outcomes.

If you allow him to eat you, you’ll have to fight his metaphysical form, which will unlock the chance to craft the Gas Giant melee weapon.

You must decline his offer of eating you to get the Nebula handgun. This will initiate a deadly boss fight between you and Tal Ratha. If you come out alive, you will receive Spiced Bile, a key item in unlocking the Nebula secret weapon.

Craft the Nebula Handgun

Once you’ve got the Spiced Bile Item, head to Ward 13. You must find the Merchant and Craftsman Ava McCabe. She’s located in a warehouse near World Stone.

You’ll need these items to craft the Nebula gun:

Once Ava receives these items, she’ll craft you the Nebula handgun, and you’ll be on your way to destroy your enemies with powerful acidic clouds.

Is the Nebula good in Remnant 2?

The secret Nebula Handgun is great for short/medium-range combat. This weapon unleashes a cloud of super toxic acid gas on your enemies. This gas will deal corrosive damage to your opponents over time.

The rapid-fire speed is the main plus point of this weapon, as you can shoot enemies and cause a great amount of damage rapidly. On top of that, this handgun has an impressive magazine size of 55 and a Max Ammo of up to 220. This means you’ll be able to reload 4 times.

The Nebula is equipped with a Weapon Mod called Nano Swarm. This is an exclusive mod and cannot be removed. This crazy Mod allows you to release Nanomachines on your enemies. These machines operate in a 20-meter radius and produce 6 Acid damage per hit. You can use this Mod to your advantage in many scenarios.

On the downside, the Nebula Lacks Critical Hit Chance. Moreover, there is no Weak Spot Damage bonus. Besides that, the weapon’s accuracy is quite poor, and the Stagger Modifier is also a downer.

Overall, this is a great weapon to have in your loadout, especially if you’re using the Challenger archetype.

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