How To Get The Bolt Driver In Remnant 2

This comprehensive guide will cover all aspects of how you can find and unlock the Bolt Driver handgun in Remnant 2.

On your trip to Yaesha, it is only wise to bring a souvenir made with love by the greatest minds of the region. The Bolt Driver Handgun in Remnant 2 is a Yaesha special and this accurate and powerful handgun which has harnessed the power of Pan Crystal.

If you plan to melt enemy’s faces off all while traveling light then this one is a must-have for your arsenal. In this guide, let’s take deep dive in hopes of unraveling the secrets of Yaesha and how to unlock the Bolt Driver in Remnant 2.

The Bolt Driver hand gun location in Remnant 2

The Bolt Driver in Remnant 2 is a secret weapon hiding behind a simple puzzle in Yaesha. The puzzle in question is called the Water Harp Puzzle and is located in the Forbidden Groves in Yaesha. This puzzle and the weapon aren’t going to be readily available the first time you walk up to the location.

You will need to follow the storyline in Yaesha and complete a set of tasks, all of which will be discussed in the next section of the guide. The exact location of the puzzle might alter due to the RNG nature of the game.

Though there are certain ques that point towards the fact that you are at the right spot. There will be a waterfall nearby along with a flutist playing some kind of music. You will find the cylindrical instrument with pins on it and a lever toward the left.

Location of the Water Harp Puzzle in Remnant 2

Unlocking the Bolt Driver handgun in Remnant 2 is going to require some extra steps. You will actually need to solve the puzzle twice. Meaning you will need to play two different songs. Before you can even play a song you will need to bring power back to the water harp.


In order to do that, located the building near the water harp and go to the second floor. There will be a lever, pulling which will restore the power in the water harp. Head back down to continue with the rest of the quest.

The first time you solve the Water Harp Puzzle in Lost Temple, you will be able to lower the bridge and with that, you can head straight to the final boss in the region – Corrupted Ravager.

Once you have made the choice of either killing or saving the Doe and defeating the boss, you can come back to have another go at the musical water harp. This time you will need to play a different song in order to unlock the Bolt Driver in Remnant 2.

The Code for the song to unlock the Bolt Driver is as follows: 1, 4, 0, 2, 5, 0, 3, 0


Once you have managed to set the pins, pull the lever to the left and the music will start playing. After the song is done, look behind you and a small pillar will emerge from the ground, and within the purple light is going to be the Bolt Driver.

Bolt Driver weapon mods

The Bolt Driver doesn’t come with any mods pre-installed so you can pick a mod of your choice. Since it shoots in burst mode then either Hot Shot or Bore would best suit it. Hot Shot will give your overall damage a boost and Bore would create a forced weak spot for you to exploit with your next shot.

Is the Bolt Driver good in Remnant 2?

The Bolt Driver no doubt takes a lot of time and effort to unlock but depending on what kind of build and archetype you are running, it might become your number one in no time.

Since it is a semi-auto SMG that shoots a burst of three shots, each dealing 26 DPS, the weapon packs a solid punch.

The magazine is also substantial and will last you throughout the full encounter, that’s of course if your aim is good. Other than that, it all comes down to your personal preference and how good you are with a certain weapon.

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