How To Get The Enigma In Remnant 2

The Enigma handgun comes with the Chaos Driver weapon mod that tethers enemies together for shock damage in Remnant 2. It can only be crafted.

Enigma, the physical reflection of Labyrinth, is part of the special Hand Gun category in Remnant 2. Its constant shifts and unpredictability earned it the title of being a miniature version of Labyrinth. It appears like a Labyrinth stone with a blocky build and white circles at the handles.

Being a Hand Gun, it excels in medium to close-ranged combat with a multi-target focus which drives electric rods into your opponents, dealing shock damage and tethers them for additional damage.

For players interested in a long-lasting strong secondary option or having trouble with enemy clusters, Enigma will prove beneficial with its excellent damage potential while providing crowd control and is viable even in end-game content.

The good thing is that this amazing Hand Gun is cartable and the parts are easily accessible through a portal in Fractured Ingress in Labyrinth.

Enigma location in Remnant 2

The Enigma has to be crafted by McCabe using the following crafting materials:

  • 1 Cipher Rod
  • 7 Lumenite Crystal
  • 650 Scrap

Cipher Rod is a special item required for crafting Enigma in Remnant 2 and can be found in Fractured Gauntlet in Labyrinth.


Cipher Rod location in Labyrinth

You need to find and get through a portal in The Labyrinth for the Cipher Rod. Make your way to the Fractured Ingress and turn left from the first portal before heading through the hallway to the portal upfront.

Do not enter the portal just yet. You need to wait until the portal’s scenery changes to the image below where you can spot a rocky terrain.

When that image comes, jump through to land on a bridge. Clear the enemies in the area to find the Cipher Rod behind the statue in front of you.

Take the Cipher Rod back to Ava McCabe in Ward 13 along with 7 Lumenite Crystal and 650 Scrap to trade in for the Enigma Hand Gun in Remnant 2.

Is the Enigma good in Remnant 2?

Enigma, as of yet, is the best secondary weapon in Remnant 2. It can tackle the majority of the content the game has to offer with strong AOE capabilities and plausible single-target damage.

Its strength can be estimated from the fact it had to be nerfed soon after the launch of the game because of how good it was and even after the nerf holds the crown on the top.

The Enigma handgun comes with the Chaos Driver weapon mod. It attaches electric rods to enemies to tether them to other electric rods nearby. All enemies tethered take shock damage.

Its basic attack, furthermore, fires a bolt of chain lightning that jumps through multiple enemies to do shock damage per second on top of the initial shock damage.

Enigma is a remarkable weapon for crowd control and both, single target and AOE, damage while being a secure option to invest in as it can deal with pretty much anything you throw at it.

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