How To Unlock 6-Star Raids In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

A new feature Tera Raids in Pokemon SV is a great way to catch Pokemon and also get materials for crafting TMs and Tera types in the game. There are different star Tera raids in Pokemon SV but 6-star raids are considered the most difficult of all.

Once you unlock six-star raids you will get some very helpful rewards. So that’s where we come in, explaining how to unlock these 6-star raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to take full benefit of the advantages and challenges they offer.

Unlocking 6-star raids in Pokemon SV

To unlock Six Star Raids firstly, you will have to win a post-game tournament and complete a number of five-star raids in which you will have to throw everything at these raids to come out on top.

Now Jacq calls you to tell you about the opportunity to take on even more powerful Tera raids. While typical Tera raid crystals glow a shade of aquamarine, these 6-star raids are in the form of big black crystals so pretty easy to distinguish.

Now you will have to find these raids on the map by black glowing icons where raids are usually found. As can be expected from high-tier content, these 6-star raids are pretty much impossible to clear alone, unless your Pokemon are super OP and high-level.

So ideally, it would be best if you attempted these 6-star Tera raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a multiplayer group.

Interact with tera crystals all around the map to take part in various six-star raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in order to earn yourself cool new rewards and resources.

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