How To Get Eldricite In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Enhance your weapon and armor to the next level using Eldricite.

Eldricite is a rare and crucial item you will require in abundance to enhance your weapons and armor in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This will allow you to enhance your build’s stats and take on enemy bosses relatively easily during your endgame progression.

Eldricite appears as a tiny pale blue crystal and will only be dropped by one specific enemy boss. This enemy boss will happen to be a Specter, which is found roaming in different areas of the Unmoored World. However, there is also a way to get Eldricite in Dragon’s Dogma 2, even before you unlock the true ending and reach the Unmoored World.

How to get Eldricite before Unmoored World

If you want to get your hands on Eldricite early during your playthrough, then there is a simple trick that you can use. You will need to visit the nearest Riftstone present in your area. This way, you can go through each of the pawns present there and check their Pawn Quests.

One of these pawns, in particular, will have Eldricite listed as a reward, so you hire that pawn. I will be providing the Pawn ID for the following Pawn:

Pawn 1: Altrice {Pawn id: MVV00P5V0WMZ}

According to the Pawn Quest, you will only need to give her a Tarring Arrow(x1) to complete her pawn quest. This action will also earn you an Eldricite as a reward in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Similarly, you can also check the Pawn Quests for several other pawns using the following Pawn IDs for both PC (Steam) and PS5:

Pawn IdPlatform
6CVK8Y8QC93USteam (PC)
38QOP3TUE5D7Steam (PC)

You can hire these pawns or any others that might have Eldricite as their Pawn Quest reward and complete their tasks to earn the enhancement resource. This will allow you to upgrade certain gear items to tier 2.


Once you get your hands on an Eldricite, you can have forgeries made at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in Checkpoint Rest Town to multiply the amount. The duplicates cost around 1200 gold but work just like the normal Eldricite.

If you have a pawn with the Forager specialization, you can use them to get an Eldricite before the post-game section. All you need to do is have that specific pawn gather resources near the Sacred Arbor area. If you are lucky, your pawn will find an Eldricite.

Where to find Specters for Eldricite in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To farm Specters for Eldricite in DD2, you must unlock the True Ending of the game and search different areas of the Unmoored World. These creatures emit a purple aura and are easy to spot once you encounter them.

You can find all the locations mentioned below, which will serve as potential spawn points for Specters. Make sure to visit each one of these locations and kill these purple floating ghosts. The Eldricite drop rate is random and ranges between (4% to 16%).

However, you only have a limited number of days in the Unmoored World so make sure you don’t waste them all just trying to farm Eldricite.

Eldricite Location 1: South of Malachite Forest

Eldricite Location 2: South of Guerco Cavern

Location 3: East of the Cliffside Cave

Location 4: North from the Underbridge Grotto

Location 5: East of Drabnir’s Grotto


Make sure to check all caves you come across, and don’t miss out on checking the piles of bones. If you are fortunate, you might stumble across an Eldricite.

Now that you have an Eldricite, the next step is to visit a vendor at Checkpoint Rest Town. In short, you must go to Ibrahim’s Scrap Store, the same one you visited in Short-Sighted Ambition and many other quests. Select the fourth option to Request a Forgery and then choose the Eldricite in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

This process is cheap and will cost you Gold (x1500), but Ibrahim will duplicate this item in 2 days. You can rest at a nearby bench to pass the time and speak with him again to collect an additional (forged) Eldricite.

The best part about this item is that it functions like the original one. In the Endgame, Ibrahim and all other merchants can be found at the Sacred Grounds in the Seafloor Shrine.

You have only 10 to 12 days in the unmoored world, so you had better not waste it. Complete other quests while Ibrahim creates a forgery for you, which you can then use to enhance equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

What items can you enhance using Eldricite in DD2?

You will be surprised that Eldricite is a key item that can enhance several pieces of equipment. The following table lists all of the weapons and armor options.

Dwarven Scholar’s Breeches2x1
Elven Scholar’s Breeches2x1
Elven Silhouette of Sorcery2x1
Dwarven Sacral Robe2x1
Dwarven Daughter of the Evening2x1
Dwarven Unused2x1
Elven Heaven’s Key2x1
Dwarven Heaven’s Key2x1
Vermundian Silhouette of Sorcery2x2
Elven Carnation2x2
Vermundian Heaven’s Key2x2
Battahli Heaven’s Key2x2
Elven Rhewynt2x2
Dwarven Rhewynt2x2
Battahli Sacral Robe2x2
Vermundian Scholar’s Breeches2x2
Battahli Scholar’s Breeches2x2
Battahli Unused2x3
Battahli Daughter of the Evening2x3
Vermundian Carnation2x4
Vermundian Rhewynt2x4
Battahli Rhewynt2x4
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