How To Catch Klawf In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Klawf is a rock type Pokemon in SV that was added in the 9th gen update. It boasts respectable stats. Here's how to catch it.

Klawf hails as a rock-type Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. It belongs to the Water 3 Egg group and is one of the new Gen-9 additions in the new games.

When Nintendo began teasing the games, Klawf was one of the first Pokemon to be revealed for Scarlet and Violet. It stands 4’03” tall and weighs around 79 kg. It is well known for its sturdiness in the defense stats but can also donate that power to the offensive stats using Anger Shell. There is so much that the Pokemon offers to trainers.

The following guide will tell you where to find and catch Klawf in Pokemon SV.

Klawf location in Pokemon SV

Klawf is not that hard of a Pokemon to find. All you must do is go to the mountainous areas in Southern Providence in Area Three. You will find plenty of Klawf here.

Remember that Klawf is usually found on walls or the side of cliffs. If you keep your eyes on the ground, you will likely go past it. Hence, when you reach Area Three, scour the walls on the edges of the map.

How to catch a Klawf

As you approach Klawf, sneak up and throw a Pokeball at it. It will startle it, and you will begin a battle with it. There are chances you can catch it on the first try, but it will be a slim chance. Attack it until it is close to being knocked out and then throw a Pokeball at it again to catch it.

You can Pokemon of the following types against Klawf as it is weak to them.

  • Water 
  • Grass 
  • Fighting 
  • Ground 
  • Steel 

Klawf Stats

The following are its base stats for you to know.

  • HP: 70
  • Attack: 100
  • Defense: 115
  • Special Attack: 35
  • Special Defense: 55
  • Speed: 75

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