Fallout 76 Steel Reign Missing Persons Walkthrough

Marcia Leone has gone missing and it’s your job to find her in the Missing Persons quest of Fallout 76’s DLC, Steel Reign. In this guide, we will provide you with the complete walkthrough of the Missing Persons quest including all its objectives and choices.

Fallout 76 Steel Reign Missing Persons

The mission starts by interacting with Scribe Vadez who wants you to look for Marcia. When speaking to Vadez, you can gain info surrounding Marcia’s disappearance through the dialogue options.

The first option in the dialogue tree, “what do you need me to do?” will advance the quest. Now, you need to talk to Marcia’s younger brother Maximo Leone (Max) since he might have any idea where she can be gone.

Speak to Maximo Leone

After interacting with the Scribe your new objective is to speak with max. You can move ahead quickly by asking where you see her last or ask other questions for finding any clue.

He will tell you that the last time he saw her, she was going on a trip to the foundation. Max will give you a new lead that you should talk to her best friend Initiate Ramirez.

Speak to Initiate Ramirez

Go find Ramirez upstairs and when you start interacting with him you come to know that after her mother died she was very worried about living in Fort Atlas. She only cares for her brother max.

When you told him that Marcia is missing he will tell you that she is just running an errand to Foundation and she will be back anytime. When you told him that she might be one of the missing persons he tells you that she might be with the raider War Party. Just ask a few questions and move to the next objective.

Retrieve Marcia from the Raiders

After speaking with Ramirez your objective is to retrieve Marcia from the Raider War Party. For that, you have to go to the Crater which is on the northern part of the map.

After reaching Crater you will find Marcia and Pierce having a conversation about Sheena and Burke.

Speaking with Pierce and Marcia, You’ll find out that Marcia is here of her own will and wants to join the Raiders. From the dialogues options given, select the ones that will lead to helping find Sheena and Burke.

Marcia is fed up with the brotherhood so don’t pick any option that seems like its forcing Marcia back or  implies that she belongs to the brotherhood.

When the conversation is over, you’ll now need to meet up with Marcia at AMS.

Meet Marcia at AMS Headquarters

Now your objective is to meet Marcia at AMS headquarters. When you reach AMS Headquarters just enter the elevator and hit floor 2 which takes you to the objective. You will find Marcia in the room and after the conversation, she will direct you to the third floor.

You can use the elevator to head to the third floor. You’ll have a conversation with Marcia here. After that conversation, head to the third floor via a cylindrical elevator with “access hatch” written on it.

Clear the Enemies

On the third floor, you will find some enemies like Protectrons and mercenaries; take them all out. After dealing with them return to the elevator you use before for going up and you will be given the next objective.

Find Clues to where the Raiders are

Now your job is to find clues to where Burke and Sheena go. The first clue is Burke’s Necklace. The necklace is on the ground and can be very hard to spot. Go to a hallway where there is a fire control machine next to some stairs; the necklace is on the ground next to the firecontrol machine. After that examine the necklace, which turns out to be a necklace of a dove that belonged to Burke.

Speak to Marcia

Now again you will be tasked to speak to Marcia. This time you will have a little dialogue and the objective will again be to find more clues. Now move upstairs till you find a Raider Corpse and come to know that the body is just a couple of days old.

Here you will again have the dialogue with Marcia and she will tell you that she knows who the Raider is. After this, the objective will again change to the previous one.

Now you have to make your way around and go a little upstairs and you will find another clue which is Hastily Written Note. After reading it you will find that it was written by Sheena.

After that, you again have a little conversation with Marcia and she tells you more details that why she doesn’t like them. Now again start to look for more clues to find Burke and Sheena Go upstairs and unlock the door and you will find a computer.

Use the computer and you will see the option of HELLCAT EYES ONLY. Select that option and the Open Door option will appear on the screen. On your way up you will encounter a few enemies and you have to take them all out.

Kill Kit

Here you will come across Kit who is like a boss in the game. After a little conversation with him, he will send his robots and mercenaries to attack you. You have to deal with all of them and once you get rid of them you will find a mysterious letter with sign B in the end.

Look for the Key

Now you have to go look for the key and for this you have to go to the room where Kit was standing during the conversation. There at the terminal, you will find the AMS basement key.

Go Down to the Lobby

After getting the key you will be tasked to go down to the lobby and for this, you have to come out of the room and take the elevator right in front and go all the way down to the lobby.

Find the Raiders

After entering the lobby your objective will change to find the Raiders. Now you have to go to the door saying AMS Headquarters basement lab. Unlock the door and enter the lab.

Kill the Guards

In the lab, your objective will change to kill the guards and you will encounter a few hellcat mercenaries. After killing them you will move to the next objective.

Speak to Sheena and Burke

After killing the Mercenary you will hear the voice of Burke and Sheena yelling from a room at a distance. Here, Marcia will be leading you and you will enter a room where you find both of them locked behind the bars.

Open the Cages

Now you will have a little conversation with them and after that, your task is to open the door of the cages. Now go to the computer terminal right next to the cages and use it. Select the option “Cell Door Control” and the cell doors of both of them will be opened.

Now, Sheena will leave her cell and go to see the Burke and you can have a conversation with both Sheena and Marcia.

In the conversation with Marcia, you try to convince her to stay with either the Brotherhood of Steel or go off with the Raiders. After all the conversation you again have to go all the way back to the Fort Atlas

Return to Scribe Valdez

At Fort Atlas again go upstairs and talk to the Scribe Valdez will congratulate you on finding the Marcia. Now you will tell her about the letter you found with sign B. This will bring the quest to an end.


The main reward you will get for completing the Missing persons quest in Fallout 76’s Steel Reign DLC is a plan to craft a Mercenary Outfit plus a pre-made outfit ready to wear and some XP.

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