Fallout 76 Steel Reign Missing Persons Walkthrough

In this guide, we will provide you with the complete walkthrough of the Missing Persons quest of the Fallout 76 DLC, Steel Reign.

The ‘Missing Persons’ mission is part of the main quest in Fallout 76’s DLC Steel Reign. It begins in Fort Atlas right after completing ‘A Knight’s Penance.’ When you head to Fort Atlas, Scribe Valdez will tell you about Marcia Leone’s disappearance; you must visit a few places and talk to a few people to get information about her.

This Fallout 76 Steel Reign Missing Persons guide contains a detailed mission walkthrough, including its objectives and choices.

Speak to Maximo Leone

Your first objective in the mission is to talk to Max, Marcia’s younger brother. After talking to Scribe, head down the stairs to your right, walk past the hallway into the first room that is in front of you in the hallway, and find your way to the staircase. Head down, and you will see Max sitting on the floor.

Max will tell you Marcia told him about going on a trip to the foundation, and you should talk to her best friend Initiate Ramirez.

Speak to Initiate Ramirez

You will find Ramirez in the hallway upstairs. Ask her about Marcia, and he will hesitate first and then tell you that she might be with the Raider War Party.

Retrieve Marcia from the Raiders

After speaking with Ramirez your objective is to retrieve Marcia from the Raider War Party. For that, you have to go to the Crater on the map’s northern part.

After reaching Crater, enter the war room, and you will find Marcia and Pierce engaged in a conversation about Sheena and Burke’s missing status from the AMS headquarters.

After the conversation ends, assist Marcia to the AMS headquarters to search for Sheena and Burke.

Meet Marcia at AMS Headquarters

Go to the AMS Headquarters in Watoga, in the southeastern region. When you’re inside, head to the second floor. You will find Marcia engaged in a fight with Hellcat Mercenary. Help her take him out.

Head to the third floor and follow the objective marker. This will take you into a cabin, where you will find a dove necklace on the machine. Marcia will tell you it’s Burke’s necklace.

Now you need to go upstairs, follow the marker and you find a raider’s corpse, Marcia will tell you he went with Burke and Sheena.

In the same area, follow the marker, and you will get another clue: a Hastily Written Note from Sheena.

Find Clues to Where the Raiders Are

Once you’ve collected all the clues, your next objective is to find where the Raiders are. Take the stairs up, and you will find a locked door. Use the terminal nearby to open the door.

Once the door unlocks, head upstairs, and you will find some mercenaries there. Clear the room to find the Kill Kit. You will encounter three mercenaries here. Take them down, and the Kit will come out of the locked room.

You will encounter more mercenaries on Kit’s orders, kill them all, and the Kit will come out of the locked room. Take him down and collect the Blue Ridge Delivers Again note from his body that contains Burke and Sheena’s location.

Look for the Key

After telling Marcia about the note, enter the locked room where Kit was before the fight. Here you will find the AMS basement keys at the leftmost terminal.

Go Down to the Lobby

After getting the key, you will be tasked with going to the lobby. For this, you have to come out of the room, take the elevator right in front, and go all the way down to the lobby.

Find the Raiders

After entering the lobby, your objective will change to find the Raiders. Now you have to go to the door saying AMS Headquarters basement lab. Unlock the door and enter the lab.

Kill the Guards

Enter the basement and go down the doors. You will come across a door, go inside and you will encounter two hellcat mercenaries. After killing them you will move to the next objective.

Rescue Sheena and Burke

Clear out the room and follow Marcia to the room where Burke and Sheena are held captive.

Use the computer terminal nearby to open the cell door using a command to free them from behind bars.

Now, Sheena will leave her cell and go to see the Burke, and you can have a conversation with both Sheena and Marcia.

In the conversation with Marcia, you try to convince her to stay with the Brotherhood of Steel or go off with the Raiders. After all the conversation, you again have to go back to the Fort Atlas

Return to Scribe Valdez

Again, at Fort Atlas, go upstairs and talk to the Scribe. Valdez will congratulate you on finding Marcia. Now, tell her about the letter you found with sign B. This will end the quest.

Missing Persons Quest Reward

You will get the following rewards for completing this quest:

  • 1000 XP
  • 100 caps
  • Mercenary outfit
  • Mercenary outfit plan
  • Random weapon/mod plan
  • Random aid items
  • Random explosives
  • Random junk item

The main reward you will get for completing the Missing Persons quest in Fallout 76’s Steel Reign DLC is a plan to craft a Mercenary Outfit plus a pre-made outfit ready to wear and some XP.

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