How To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Ditto is perhaps one of the most flexible types of Pokemon in SV. It can be evolved into pretty much any pokemon in the game.

Ditto is a must-have Pokemon in SV for a few reasons. Firstly, because of its power and strength. Secondly, and most importantly, its ability to breed with any Pokemon.

If you have a Ditto in your roster, you can potentially have any Pokemon through just the breeding mechanics of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You would, hence, want to catch a Ditto early on to start breeding as early as possible.

Read on to know how to find Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Ditto location in Pokemon SV

Catching Ditto is a bit trickier as it is normally disguised as other Pokemon. This little blub is hardly in its original form. So, unless you go near a Pokemon and look at the title of the Pokemon, you cannot tell if it is a Ditto or something else.

There are multiple locations where you can encounter Ditto. It is found in Tera Raids, Mass outbreaks, West Province (Area 2), and West Province (Area 3).

What you have to do is to roam and walk around the mentioned locations. Go near every Pokemon until you are sure that it is not Ditto.


Dittos are not so rare, so you can easily encounter one. If you encounter one and mistakenly press ‘run’, it will disappear. So, be mindful of that.

Ditto Type, Abilities, and Weakness 

Ditto is a Normal-type Pokemon with two unique abilities: (i) Limber and (ii) Imposter. Each ability has unique characteristics. Limber prevents it from paralyzing. Whereas Imposter allows it to transform into any Pokemon it’s fighting, apart from taking the appearance, it also copies the moves and stats of the opponent. The Normal-type Pokemon Ditto is weak to Fighting-based attacks

Ditto Stats in Pokemon SV

The following are its base stats.

  • HP: 48
  • Attack: 48
  • Defense: 48
  • Special Attack: 48
  • Special Defense: 48
  • Speed: 48

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