How To Get Real Boy Ending In Lies of P

Real Boy is the bad ending of Lies of P and we can help you stay away from it.

Among the 3 endings of Lies of P, the Real Boy ending is arguably its worst and also the easiest to get. If you are aiming for a specific ending in your Lies of P playthrough, either to experience the story or unlock an achievement, we are here to help you unlock the Lies of P Real Boy ending and explain its story.

How to unlock Lies of P Real Boy ending

The Real Boy ending is an ending that you needn’t worry too much about how to achieve. None of your prior actions have any real weight as you only need to make a specific choice at the very end to get the Real Boy ending in Lies of P regardless of your decisions throughout the game.

Lets go step by step on how you can get the Real Boy or bad ending in Lies of P

Defeat Simon Manus, Awakened God

When going for the Real Boy conclusion in Lies of P, Simon Manus will be the very last boss you face as you won’t have to take on the true final boss (Nameless Puppet) if you follow through with the required choice for this ending.

Progress through Ascension Bridge, overcoming the various trials and tribulations spread across the path as you make your way to this boss encounter. Simply play patiently and overcome Simon’s onslaught of Physical and Magical attacks to eventually prove victorious.

Hand over your heart to Geppetto

After defeating Simon, you must ride the elevator in the middle of the boss arena to arrive at your destination. You will find Geppetto standing alone in the area ahead so just walk up to him and start talking. He will muse over all that has occurred, claiming all pieces are finally in place, save for one.


He will then request you to hand over your heart so he can make you a real boy and the two of you can go back to being a family.

Simply pick the option ‘Give your heart’ and you will be greeted with a rather bleak and messed up ending wherein all residents of Krat will be killed by your hand and if you load in after credits, replaced by Puppet imitations with limited functionality.

In the epilogue, you will see Geppetto walking away with his real son, Carlo, whom he revived by using the heart that P gave up. Basically in the Real Boy conclusion of Lies of P, Geppetto tricks you as he never intended to make you human, he just wanted to revive his own son.

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