Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost In The Dark Grove Walkthrough

Lost in the Dark Grove is one of the mainline story quests that you must complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley...

Lost in the Dark Grove is one of the mainline story quests that you must complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley to advance.

It is also one part of the Kristoff questline which will unlock Donald Duck as another companion character to help you on your adventure.

The main objective here is to find a special feather to lift the fog so that you can enter the Dark Grove to retrieve a special plant. The following guide will tell you how.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Grove location

In order to start the Dark Grove quest, you need to head towards the Forest of Valor which you first need to unlock in the game. You can do that by finishing the mainline Pillar of Friendship quest. You will not only unlock Forest of Valor but also the Glade of Trust.

How to start the Lost in the Dark Grove quest

Your quest will start as soon as you enter the Forest of Valor. Your first objective will be to find Kristoff. You can find him standing close to the corrupted pillar in the biome. Talk to him and he will explain that he and Donald got split and that Donald went inside the dark portal.

Donald Duck’s Dark Grove clues locations

After talking to him, go inside the portal yourself. The whole area will be engulfed with fog. Here, you will be looking for two clues: a glowing feather and a Purple Vile herb, which can be found on a branch close to the portal in Dark Grove.


Bring the items back to Kristoff. He will tell you to go and talk to Merlin about the fog situation.

Merlin will tell you that he knows how to get rid of fog using a magic spell. But he requires some items. We have listed the items required by Merlin below.

  • Glowing feather
  • 2x Emeralds
  • A plant from Dark Grove
  • 4x Dream Shards

All of the materials are quite straightforward to find and can be found in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust biomes. Once you have these items, hand them to Merlin. He will cast a spell that will get rid of the fog.

Make your way to Dark Grove using the Portal and follow the feather which will take you to Donald Duck. Speak to him to obtain the Orb of Courage. A portal will appear behind Donald. Go through it and then use the Orb in the Pillar to get Donald back to the valley. This will complete the Lost in the Dark Grove quest and Donald Duck will give you a diary page as a reward.

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