Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff A Broken Sled Quest Guide

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, A Broken Sled is a quest associated with Kristoff that requires you to assist Kristoff in...

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, A Broken Sled is a quest associated with Kristoff that requires you to assist Kristoff in retrieving and repairing his old Sled. Clueless about what to do? Read on to find out.

How to complete A Broken Sled quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Kristoff quest A Broken Sled will have you acquire and rebuild his old sled from the icy pockets of Frosted Heights. Here’s what you’ll need to do to finish the quest.

Locate the sled

To begin, you must follow Kristoff around, and he will eventually lead you to his Sled. It’s not rocket science; simply follow him running in front of you, and he’ll lead you to the Sled.

But keep in mind that the Frosted Heights are quite far away, so he’ll be running around for a while, so be patient and follow him around.

When you arrive at the Sled, it will be stuck in the ice. So your first goal will be to clear the ice from the Sled. This is easily done with the help of a Pickaxe.

To free the Sled, simply hit the ice blocks with the Pickaxe. You will be able to pick up the Sled once it has been freed from the ice.

Find Kristoff’s book

That’s all there is to the first objective; however, the quest is not over just yet. Next up, you need to get your hands on the book found in Kristoff’s house.

The book is inside the house, so go inside and take a left in the hallway to find it on the desk to your right. Since the book will be on the first table so it’s hard to miss.

Now you’re required to collect a few items to complete the quest. These items include Fiber, Hardwood, Iron Ingot, and Tinkering Parts.

Here’s everything you need to know about these items


To get your hands on fiber, you need to collect Seaweed from the Shoreline


Hardwood can be found in forests under trees.

Iron Ingot

You can obtain Iron Ingots from Iron Ores that can be mined with ease.

Tinkering Parts

Tinkering Parts are made out of Iron Ingots.

Repair The Sled

Once you’ve collected all of the aforementioned items, you can go to any Crafting Station and repair the Sled you picked earlier.

Simply go to your preferred Crafting Station and repair the Sled. The Sled can be found under the Furniture Tab by the name Kristoff’s Sled.

That’s all there is to it! You must now return to Kristoff and hand over the Sled. However, in order to complete the quest, you must also lend him the items you gathered.

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