Best Cellars To Farm In Diablo 4

Cellars in Diablo 4 are small hidden areas similar to dungeons. A trapdoor icon on the mini-map marks these. Cellars are one interesting...

Cellars in Diablo 4 are small hidden areas similar to dungeons. A trapdoor icon on the mini-map marks these. Cellars are one interesting place to get fantastic farming loot. Rare and Legendary gears are very tough to find in Diablo 4 and require you to slay hundreds of enemies to claim a single one.

However, you can ease your effort by visiting some of the best cellars in D4, where the chance of getting a premium drop is very high. Some enemies like Treasure Goblins, which give you insane loot, might spawn inside cellars, and they are easy to kill because their movement is limited in a room.

Of course, not all cellars give you this opportunity, but some are renowned for farming special equipment.

Best Cellars location in Diablo 4

Here is a list of some of the best cellars to farm legendary items in Diablo 4:

Ravan’s Folly – Kehjistan

Kehjistan region is significant for its vast activities in Diablo 4. Many cellars are located in the Kehjistan region, in the southwestern part of the map. A trip around cellars in the Kehjistan region will earn you a fantastic amount of loot, including many legendary items in D4.

The Ravan’s Folly cellar is in Raged Coastline, west of the Iron Wolves Encampment waypoint.


Frozen Tunnel Cellar – Kyovashad

The Frozen Tunnel Cellar is located in the Desolate Highland region near the Kyovashad Waypoint. This Cellar also gives you a fantastic amount of loot.

This Cellar is also next to a Local Event location in Diablo 4. You will get multiple legendary drops if you play Frozen Tunnel Cellar and the event and can basically make this farming route, going back and forth between the event and the cellar. The least you can get from here is the Murmuring Obols.

Bleak Basement – Blightmarsh

Bleak Basement Cellar is located in the Blightmarsh area, in the central part of Hawezar region. The Backwater waypoint in Hawezar will let you easily reach this cellar

The Bleak Basement cellar in Diablo 4 often has no big enemies to fight. But here, you can farm a good amount of gold, emerald, and other gems by killing hordes of mobs.

Tsepilova Larder – Gale Valley

Tsepilova Larder Cellar is in Gale Valley in the West part of Fractured Peaks. Yelesna Waypoint will provide the shortest route to reach Tsepilova Larder cellar.

This cellar has a great chance of spawning 3 Treasure goblins which you can kill to get Legendary Item Loot. Many different mobs and elites will also surround you, so be prepared.

Derelict Tunnel – Caldeum

In D4, Derelict Tunnel Cellar is located in the Caldeum, north of the Kehjistan Fields of Hatred. The Denshar waypoint at the entrance of Fields of Hatred will provide the quest route to the Derelic Tunnel cellar.

This cellar has one of the best spawn rates for Treasure Goblins, making it a good farming spot for legendary items.

Scorched Cellar – Strand

This Cellar is located in the Strand area of Scosglen, west of Corbach waypoint and below the Caen Adar world boss spawn location.

Scorched Cellar has multiple Elite enemies, mob hordes, and Treasure Goblins in D4. There are more than usual enemies in here, so you might have to struggle to get loot here.

These are some of the best cellar locations to farm legendaries in Diablo 4.

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