Cities Skylines Pollution Guide – How to Manage Noise, Land and Water Pollution

Things like harbors, electricity power plants, and modes of transportation add a lot to your city’s increasing pollution. While there are no means to stop these intoxicants from ruining the environment, there are certain ways to prevent them from spreading.

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Cities Skylines Pollution

Pollution in Cities Skylines is divided into three categories – Air & Ground Pollution, Water Pollution, and Noise Pollution.

Noise Pollution
Noise Pollution is primarily caused by means of transportation such as Trains, Buses, and Metro; harbors, buildings, and things like these.

Fortunately, there are a handful of things using which you can reduce Noise Pollution from accumulating in the city. First and foremost, the buildings which create loud noises should be relocated away from residential and commercial areas. Furthermore, you can always create a large gap in the street so as to reduce the amount of accumulative noise.

Unless you are forced to do so, always make sure to relocate Metro Stations and Bus Depot a tad away from the commercial and residential zones. If you can, always try and build parks in the residential zones as these spaces allow you to drastically reduce Noise Pollution.

In addition to buildings parks, try and create a tree-lane alongside the main highways and roads to reduce noise from the vehicles.

Do note that you can also plant grass instead of trees and it should work just as fine. Lastly, try and combine trees and grass with Sonic Barriers which also help in reducing pollution caused from noise.

Water Pollution
If there is something potentially more threatening than Noise Pollution, its Water Pollution. Water is the source of life and letting your citizens drink contaminated water is an open invitation to waterborne diseases which can also lead to their demise.

Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the water clean and safe for drinking purposes. A potential cause of Water Pollution is when you put your sewage upstream and water pumps downstream.

As a general rule of thumb, there is no way you should ever do this – water pumps should always be placed upstream of the river and sewage on the downstream side.

Ground and Air Pollution
Similar to illnesses caused by Water Pollution, both Ground Pollution and Air Pollution can also cause your citizens to fall victim to potential illnesses and even face demise.

Like I have mentioned earlier, there is hardly any way to prevent these intoxicants from spreading, but you can always place the polluting buildings away from the residential and commercial areas.

In addition to this, you can always try and move to Forestry Industries as these industries cause a whole less pollution than industries such as Dirty Industries.

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