Payday 2 Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Strategy

If you are starting with Payday 2, we have a beginners guide have the basic tips and tricks one should know beforehand.

Payday2, a sequel to Payday: The Heist, is a first person shooter game made by Overkill Software. The game involves the player along with his team which can be either friends or randomly assigned people.

The basic theme of the game revolves around carrying out bank heists and robberies. The following guide gives a general overview of the game.

The Safe House
As you start the game for the first time, a pop-up box appears that invites you to the “safe house”. This serves as a basic beginners tutorial for those of you that haven’t played the prequel (Payday: The Heist) of the game.

You can skip going to the safe house and get in through the main menu.

The safe house is a place where you can polish your fighting skills especially when you buy some new weapons or any other gadgets.

The safe house also allows you to see the pile of your cash grow as you complete more and more robberies/heists. However, visiting the safe house is optional during any time of the game, if you decide to visit it at all that is


Accepting a Mission
In order to pick up different missions and heists you’ll need to go to Crime.Net; which can be accessed either through the main menu or in the basement of the safe house on the laptop.

The game also allows you to play in “Crime.

Net Offline” mode in which you play completely solo or with an AI team backup. As you open up Crime.Net and look at the city map, you’ll see many different missions/heists come up with different levels of difficulty.

The lower the difficulty level, the lesser will be the reward of the heist.

Initially you’re restricted to only a few heists but as you level up more will appear. You can filter out heists on the map so that it shows you heists that are nearby/far/worldwide that are being carried out by other teams that are not full.

If you roll your cursor over the missions/heists, you’ll be able to see whether the team is in the gamelobby or already playing. Random people are shown by a blue host name, whereas friends are represented by green host names. Pro jobs are red.

Viewing Intel
Once you’ve selected your mission, you’ll be asked for a confirmation of everything, including whether you want to play with a backup AI team in case you decide to play solo.

Next you’ll see the Intel screen. Here you can see any pictures, blueprints or any other information that your contacts have managed to acquire and will help you during the heist. More info can be purchased for a price which can make the mission easier.

Performing The Heist
Once you’re done and dusted with the intel screen, it’s time to perform the actual heist!

A given heist, e.g. Four Stores, will generally have the same layout. The level of difficulty of a given heist vs the level of your skills will determine the outcome of the heist.

Most of the heists start in the “Casing Mode” where you’ll be dressed up as a normal civilian and will get the chance to look around and get a good sense of the type of place you’d be carrying out the heist in. However, be careful, if you go wandering around too near the cops or cameras you’ll arouse suspicion.

Getting seen by the cameras isn’t always a problem though, because someone would actually have to press an alarm or call the cops on you. Also if you can deal with the witnesses swiftly and quietly you might be able to delay the cops.

Once you’ve had a good look at your surroundings, hold the G key to put on your mask. You’ll automatically put on the mask if an alarm is set off or if the cops are altered. Once the mask is on, you cannot take it off and you’re fully committed.

Once you’ve completed the last day of the heist, or you’ve been defeated, you’ll be taken to a summary screen of your experience points and loot. Subsequently, every player will be presented with three cards out of which each player has to choose one.

The cards either contain a mask template, a weapon, a weapon accessory, or a cash bonus. However, if you choose any other item a part from the cash bonus, you’d still have to purchase it because it only unlocks the item for purchase, but does not unlock it for actual use.

Once all that is done, gather up your loot, buy new Equipment or skills from the main menu and get buckled up for another heist!

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