Alien: Isolation Nostromo Logs Locations Guide

Our guide has the location for all10 Nostromo Log location in Alien: Isolation.

Alien: Isolation hides within itself pretty awesome logs that quench the nostalgia of all those who adored Ridley Scott’s Alien moves. Inside these logs you’ll get to hear the original cast, and allow Amanda to get further insight of her mother’s fated journey on the Nostromo.

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Alien: Isolation Nostromo Logs Locations

There are 10 log files scattered across six different missions. Below is a walkthrough for all the logs.

Nostromo Log #1 – Mission 4
The first log is found towards the end of Mission 4. Search inside the Relay Facility room around the outer wall for a cart with a terminal parked in a corner. Access it and you’ll get this log file.

Nostromo Log #2 – Mission 10
After getting off the train to the Engineering Deck, enter the Workspace Solutions. Head up stairs and enter the first door on the left. Hack the door after getting the right upgraded tool, and find the terminal in a corner on the left.

Nostromo Log #3 – Mission 12
As the mission starts and Amanda exits the station, head up stairs and use the torch to get through the locked doors to the medical facility. Stay next to the left wall inside and head through the left door to find another locked door past the counter. Open it with your torch, and you’ll find the log on the desk.


Nostromo Log #4 – Mission 15
When you enter the medical facility, you’ll encounter a lobby on fire. Turn right and go through the Service Elevator door. Stick to the right and enter the Research Laboratory. Cut open the door and avoid the gas to find the log to the right.

Nostromo Log #5 to #8– Mission 16
Before the end of the mission, travel to the Lorenz Systech Spire area and reach the Server Hub Reception section of the zone. Go through the Server Control door and then through the Server Farm door on the left of the front desk.

Head to the Sever Control and check on the right side for a room with gas in it. The log is inside this room. Now, head to Gemini Exoplant Solutions through the Lorenz Tech lobby second floor.

There is a ladder next to the Save Station that will take you up to the Ore Processing room. Head up and go through the door on the right. Inside this room, there is another door on the left which can be accessed with a torch. Inside you’ll find the sixth log.

After acquiring the sixth log, head all the way to Seegson Synthetics in the SciMed Tower and work your way to Synthetic Storage. Take the ladder up inside the hall, and turn around.

You’ll find an open room filled with gas here, which you can access thanks to the gas mask. The seventh log is on the back wall here.

In the SciMed Tower, head to the Engineering Section that is on the Maintenance Deck. There is a level 3 locked door in the Workshop here. Hack it, and you’ll find the log inside.

Nostromo Log #9 and #10 – Mission 17
In the second large room of this mission, there will be an alien walking around and you’ll need to stick to the dark to avoid it. There’s a windowed control room in the center of this area, which you need to access. Head through the door long the right wall after that to get the log.

Exit through the Departure Zone and go down the stairs in the Passenger Lounge. Circle around to the right at the bottom of the steps, where you should find a locked door. Torch the switch and head inside to find the last Nostromo log.

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