Diablo 4 Scosglen Waypoint Locations

Out of multiple regions available in Diablo IV each one contains some fixed locations called waypoints that allow for fast...

Out of multiple regions available in Diablo IV each one contains some fixed locations called waypoints that allow for fast travel to different areas. The main advantage of these waypoints is saving time. Trying to walk through the dangerous highlands of Scosglen can be tiresome. This is where we come in with locations of all the Scosglen waypoints in Diablo 4.

Instead of going all the way from one point to another, players can teleport to the nearest waypoint of the desired location. However, these waypoints are not available from the beginning as they have to be unlocked by the players while going through the main storyline.

The first waypoint is located in Kyovashad, situated in the Fractured Peaks. After unlocking the first waypoint, all others can be unlocked while exploring the world or clearing out Strongholds.

All Diablo 4 Scosglen waypoint locations

Scosglen region lies in the northern part of the Sanctuary. There are a total of eight waypoints located in the Scosglen region of Diablo IV. Out of these eight, one of them is within a Stronghold. The names and locations of all the waypoints are listed below.

  1. Firebreak Manor
  2. Cerrigar
  3. Tur Dulra
  4. Marowen
  5. Braestaig
  6. Corbach
  7. Tirmair
  8. Under the Fat Goose Inn

Cerrigar Waypoint: It is the main city in the Scosglen region. It is located in the middle of the region

Firebreak Manor Waypoint: It is located below the Cerrigar and has an important role in campaign missions as you go there to meet Donan, the guy who gives you a mount.


Tul Dulra Waypoint: It is located on the western side of the region. You need to complete the Tur Dulra Stronghold to unlock it

Marowen Waypoint: It is situated on the northwestern side of the region, just above the Firebreak Manor

Braestaig Waypoint: It is located in the north of Cerrigar

Corbach Waypoint: It is located in the northeast of Cerrigar.

Tirmair Waypoint: Situated in the eastern region of the map. It is considered another important place in the Scosglen after the Cerrigar

Under The Fat Goose Inn Waypoint: This waypoint is located in the south of Tirmair. It has a lot of interesting quests as well

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