Cyberpunk 2077 Best Builds

Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to build diverse characters utilizing its vast skill tree and different weapons. In this Cyberpunk 2077 Best Builds guide, we’ll be walking you through a few builds; pick one that best suits your playstyle!

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Builds

Your character in Cyberpunk 2077 can invest in a total of 5 attributes. What you pick to invest in most is the one that will decide your playstyle ultimately.

The builds below are made from selecting two primary attributes that you want to spend on. Each giving you an edge in a different type of combat style.

The Juggernaut Build

Primary Attribute (s): Body and Cool

With the Juggernaut Build, our primary focus is to maintain our tankiness and create enough mobility to easily be able to cover the entire battlefield.

Prioritizing the Body attribute will allow you to soak up a lot of damage.

You can try a Street Brawler and Athletics combo if you like going hand-to-hand every once in a while. Another good combination for the Body attribute is the Athletics and Annihilation Combo.

For Cool, the Cold Blood perk really helps to grant you that extra movement speed during combat.

Defeating an enemy will boost your movement speed, allowing you to close the distance between you and your enemies relatively easily.

The Ninja

Primary Attribute (s): Reflexes and Cool

If you’re like me, then you probably love wiping your enemies off the field without anyone ever knowing what hit ’em. That’s where this build comes in.

To truly become the master of stealth, the best tree you can go for are the Reflexes and Cool attributes.

Unlock Breach Protocol initially to be able to hack into cameras and turrets. With the two selected attributes, you will be able to use ranged silent weapons and poison your enemies.

You can also go melee with Mantis Blades and take out enemies from up-close. With the Cold-Blooded ability, you’ll be able to gain an extra 10% movement speed with every kill.

The Pure Hacker

Primary Attribute (s): Intelligence and Cool

The world in Cyberpunk 2077 has become extremely advanced in terms of technology, and that means everything can be hacked to your advantage.

If you want to take a more technical approach o the game, you can start by investing in your Intelligence and Cool abilities.

Hack away with Breach Protocol to compromise an area before you even get there! Use the Cool Attribute to increase your stealthy capabilities.

With quickhacking at your disposal and complete mastery over stealth, nothing can stand in your way.


Primary Attribute(s): Body, Reflexes, Cool.

Key Perk Trees: Athletics, Cold Blood and a Weapon related Perk e.g., Annihilation.

The core purpose of this build is to develop all combat related abilities to the fullest.

This build works best with high speed, mobility and reaction times along with solid defensive capabilities that come through a combination of high stealth, evasion and damage resistance.

An excellent stamina to go along with these attributes so that melee combats not be a problem for you.

This along with a high Crit. Damage and Crit. Chance gives a boost to your damage output while Cold Blood makes you stronger in battle.

Plus, a good carry capacity will go a long way by allowing you to carry a varied arsenal at hand so that you have what you need and whenever you need it.

Since you’re going solo, Powerful Weapons with Weapon Mods, Combat Enhancing Cyber-ware and Strong Armor Clothing will always save you from being overwhelmed by adversaries.

Stealth Netrunner

Primary Attribute(s): Cool, Intelligence and Body

Key Perk Trees: Stealth, Breach Protocol, Quick Hacking, Annihilation, Street Brawling and Athletics.

This build takes the physical skills that come with stealth and combines them with netrunner capabilities enabling you to use the best of both for greatest stealth.

For this, you need mastery of all stealth moves i.e., thrown knives, sneak attacks, poison and movement speed, and with these, an improved detection time will make you nearly impossible to detect and apprehend.

Grappling allows you to control the enemies for longer enabling you to execute takedowns at your own terms, meaning you can even drag them to where you want to dispose their corpse.

With netrunner, you’ll be able to access the complete suite of techniques for sneaking past enemies, and debilitating and harming enemies.

On top of that, Breach Protocol allows yo uto trigger powerful effects against targets in the network and reduce the RAM cost of your own quickhacks.

To go along with all these abilities and perks, you need some icing with a Cyberdeck with high RAM, buffer size and numerous quickhack slots.

A nervous system equipped with Synaptic Accelerator to slow down time whenever you’re about to get detected.

You also need knives for takedowns outside of melee range and powerful and blunt one-shot weapons for when you get detected.


Primary Attribute(s): Technical Ability, Body and Reflexes

Key Perk Trees: Crafting, Engineering, Annihilation and Athletics

The goal with this build is to make you a master crafter, giving you access to the best gear and gadgets in the game.

You need top-level Crafting expertise to enable you to create and upgrade the best items, particularly weapons. And to be able to do that best, you also need high carry capacity so that you always have a fair selection of your most useful creations available at hand.

This build gives you a strong affinity against mechanical enemies. Mastery of Tech weapons will allow you to pierce through armors and shoot enemies from behind any obstacles.

You also have an endless supply of consumables and grenades through crafting since you can craft these items on the go.

To complement this build, you can acquire as many crafting specs as you can, specialize tech weapons and be constantly on the lookout for components that you can use for crafting.

Combat Netrunner

Primary Attribute(s): Intelligence, Body and Technical Ability.

Key Perk Trees: Quickhacking, Athletics, Engineering and Annihilation.

This build is the perfect blend of conventional combat and netrunner tactics.

The main focus here is on Combat skills and anything that can improve that aspect.

Mastery of shotguns, machine guns, grenades and Tech weapons means that you’ll have powerful tools to deal with all kinds of enemies. Superior health, health regeneration and Armor will give you more survivability, plus, you need high carry capacity to carry your weapons arsenal.

Well-developed netrunner abilities though with a clear focus on quickhacking also enables you to wreak havoc on the hostiles n all sorts of ways.

A Sandevistan operating System to increase your damage output on demand, or an advanced cyberdeck if you prefer focusing on quickhacks.

Powerful shotguns and machine guns and a large stock of grenades for crowd control along with high Armor clothing for improved survival chances

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