The Point Of No Return In Cyberpunk 2077

See what you need to do before reaching the point of no return.

If you were wondering; yes, Cyberpunk 2077 does feature a point of return. In fact, the newly released Phantom Liberty DLC has its own point of no return as well.

You need to know about how to play through the various endings of both the base game and the expansion. Crossing the points of no return will lock you out of the open world, at least until you unlock your game ending.

If you are the kind of player who wants to complete all of the main and optional missions and content before doing the final story mission, here is the point of no return which you must make sure to not cross.

What’s the point of no return in Cyberpunk 2077?

The point of no return of Cyberpunk 2077 appears during Nocturne Op55N1, a main story mission that begins after you complete Search and Destroy, and Transmission.

The moment you approach the entrance to the Embers club to meet Hanako Arasaka, a warning message will appear to indicate that this is a point of no return.

This will also be an automatic save point, meaning that you will return to this point after you have completed the point of no return ending in Cyberpunk 2077.

You will see a point of no return warning just before the elevators of Embers club in Cyberpunk 2077.

From this point forward, you will be locked in to play out the ending and be unable to return to the open world, or complete any remaining side quests, that is, until you have completed the ending.

Do not worry though, you can still play Cyberpunk 2077 after the point of no return. Once done with the ending, you will get the option to do one more gig.

Take that option and you will return to your point of no return save location. From here you can head back to Night City and complete any remaining side quests.

You can also choose to complete alternative endings, the story of which will mostly remain the same for users except for a few minor differences depending on the choices you’ve made earlier in the game.

Also, playing out the ending is a little time-consuming, so make sure you have at least a couple of hours on hand.

What to do before reaching the point of no return?

We recommend stocking up on ammo, weapons, and cyberware before completing the point of no return in Cyberpunk 2077. Trust us, you’ll need them.

Moreover, once you’ve crossed the point of no return, money is insignificant, so don’t be shy to upgrade your weapons and purchase any items you may need.

Cyberpunk 2077 features multiple endings, all of which are mostly affected by the many side gigs you find in Night City. The main campaign is actually quite short. Hence, we advise you to not rush the main story. Instead, complete most if not all the side quests before reaching the point of no return.

This will also help you play the ending with a higher-level character with a lot more upgrades and firepower.

What’s the point of no return in Phantom Liberty?

The new Phantom Liberty DLC comes with new endings and another point of no return to watch out for in Cyberpunk 2077. This will be during the “Who Wants to Live Forever” mission. Once you contact Reed, the final mission will begin.

Unlike the point of no return in the base game though, you will need to have a save point for yourself in the Phantom Liberty DLC. This save point should be right before or during the mission Firestarter, although before you make the all-important choice (Spoiler alert) of either disabling Songbird or helping her escape.

The choices you make during this mission will allow you to play out the different endings in Phantom Liberty.

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