Cyberpunk 2077 Best Stealth Assassin Build (Update 2.0)

Also known as the Ninja Build.

Emerging behind targets from thin air, spilling blood with no trace left behind, and then returning to the shadows, is all part of the assassin’s day job in Night City. The Stealth Assassin Build in Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to do exactly that with a focus on high one-shot damage and maintaining your cover in enemy territory.

With the 2.0 Update and the Phantom Liberty DLC, a lot more options and playstyles have opened for Stealth lovers. The Relic system alone has completely changed the game with the cloaking ability allowing you to disengage yourself from combat instantly.

New weapons have also improved the damage roster for all weapon types, especially the Katanas. The melee damage has also been significantly improved along with the Cyberware which makes assassinating your targets much cooler and more efficient.

The Stealth Assassin Build 2.0 depends on silenced weapons and staying invisible under a watchful eye. Most of the perks and Cyberware focus on using cloaking, movement speed, and damage mitigation for survival while headshots are the main source of damage.

If you like to make a statement right under the enemies’ noses while they keep on guessing what had hit them then the Ninja build will be well worth your time.

Required attribute points

Depending on where you are in the game, there are a few best-starting attributes that will help you get your foot in the stealth world while others are more needed during the end game. It is best to put your points in a few core perks and then slowly build your kit up from there for more consistent growth.


Note that you can reset attributes if you have invested the points elsewhere allowing you to rebuild your character from the start.

Focus more on Cool and Reflexes first since they will form the core of all stealth builds. Since stealth heavily focuses on maneuverability and precision strikes for taking down your foes from the shadows, they will help you do so without blowing your cover.

Body and Technical Ability are more late-game attributes as they provide you with sustainability and quality-of-life improvements for pulling your kit together. Technical Ability helps with bypassing locks and more high-level Cyberware adaptability while Body gives proficiency with guns.

If you have the Phantom Liberty DLC, we recommend dumping the extra 10 Attribute points into Body for better handling.

Technical Ability20
How your Stealth build's attributes should look like in the end.

With investment in your Attributes, you will be able to unlock more useful perks. Since there are so many perks to choose from, we recommend these best perks for the Stealth Assassin Build in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.


Cool Attribute will enhance your assassination and stealth skills so all the perks under its umbrella are pretty useful.

Ninjutsu and Feline Footwork will grant you movement speed and crouch-sprinting which are required for traversing enemy territory without detection.

If you are a fan of throwable weapons, Style Over Substance will grant you the ability to do so while crouching.

Deadeye will increase headshot and weak spot damage and it also has great secondary perks like High Noon and Nerves of Tungsten-Steel which grant Crit and reload speed. Getting the full Deadeye kit will guarantee your one-shot kill for weak spots which will help with taking enemies out without alarming others.

Similar to Deadeye, Focus also grants additional damage for weak spots but its secondary skills like No Sweat focus more on reduced reload speed and stamina costs. If you would like a more defensive option, going for Focus is a better option.

Killer Instinct is an all-rounder damage booster for when you are not in combat for all throwable and silenced weapons.

Its secondary perks help with an increased detection window giving you more time to evade prying eyes. It is a must for Stealth Assassin Build in Cyberpunk 2077 if you want to improve your chances while infiltrating bigger organizations.


Reflexes Attribute, as the name suggests, allows you more mobility options so you can sneak your way through, climb up places, dash in the air, or even pop up behind your enemy for a stylish finisher, completing your Ninja build in Cyberpunk 2077.

Slippery will make the enemies miss their shots depending on how fast you move which will pair nicely with your perks from Cool Attribute.

Its secondary perks are also pretty useful like the Multitasker that gives you the ability to shoot while sprinting or sliding without the Kerenzikov Cyberware.

Others like Muscle Memory or Parkour allow you to perform other tasks as well amidst actions so you don’t have to stop and give up your location.

Dash and Air Dash help you quickly shorten distances vertically and horizontally. Their secondary perks are just as useful, like Aerial Acrobat which improves midair maneuverability, and Mad Dash which increases Dash range.

You can also get Can’t Touch This for mitigating damage that you receive while dashing to increase survivability.


You will need to be tech-savvy if you want to move in and out of places without leaving a digital trace behind. Being an assassin, you will need improved Cyberware, and perks under Technical Ability will make your normal Cyberware excel.

All Things Cyber improves Cyberware stats modifiers which are the blue stats under each Cyberware. It also improves your rolls on new Cyberware so it is a win even if you are not using it for your Assassin Build.

Its secondary perks like the Renaissance Punk improve Cyberware capacity, while Cyberware Connoisseur allows you to choose from two stat modifier options. It not only strengthens your build but grants you the liberty to not compromise one stat over the other.

License To Chrome is also similar to All Things Cyber but its secondary perks focus more on Cyberware effects. Extended Warranty increases the duration for Cyberware effects while Ambidextrous opens up a new Cyberware slot for your Hands altogether.


The Body Attribute is more of a supporting Attribute for your 2.0 Stealth Assassin Build in Cyberpunk 2077 than a core one. You can put all the other remaining Attribute points in it for more sustainability if you do manage to get in combat.

The Pain Killer perk will slowly regenerate your health during combat with its secondary perks, Comeback Kid and Army Of One improve the regeneration rate.

You can also grab Speed Junkie which increases your health regen rate by a whopping 60% of your health while sprinting. Dorph-Head grants you to mitigate damage after using a health-related item, so you take less damage while getting back on your feet.

Adrenaline Rush simply increases your movement speed but its secondary perks like the Calm Mind and Juggernaut are pretty useful, especially for your Reflexes perks. They grant you immunity, increase Adrenaline duration, and even increase resistance against non-damaging status effects like Blinding and Knockdown.


Relics are only available with Phantom Liberty DLC so if you have grabbed it for yourself we recommend these Relics for your Stealth Build in Cyberpunk 2077.

Emergency Cloaking Relic will cloak you upon activation, making enemies lose sight of you. This is one of the best ways to escape combat if you manage to get into some trouble.

The secondary skill Sensory Protocol will slow down time temporarily if you are being detected by an enemy while crouching so you can dash out of sight. You will need Optical Camo Cyberware equipped if you want to utilize these relics

A more offensive Relic you can use is Vulnerability Analytics which exposes weak points of enemy armor and Cyberware that you can hit.

Hitting these weak points will not only deal increased damage but will also enhance your Crit Chance and Armor Penetration. It will additionally generate an EMP blast with a 3m radius upon impact.

Its secondary skill Machine Learning, will expose even more Vulnerabilities and increase the Crit Damage of each hit against them within a certain time duration. Additionally, you do not need any specific Cyberware equipped to use this Relic.

Cyberware has been completely reimagined after the 2.0 Update which limits the amount of cybernetics you can use.

You will need to be mindful about your choices to make sure you equip the ones that will be the most beneficial for your Stealth Assassin Build in Cyberpunk 2077.

Here are the best Cyberware mods you can use to perfect your disguise and kill your targets swiftly.

Cyberware was overhauled with Update 2.0. Some of the old cybernetics have become even more powerful.

Frontal Cortex

Axolotl reduces the cooldown for all Cyberware by a certain percentage.

Self-ICE negates an enemy quickhack and also increases RAM by 2.

Mechatronic Core increases damage against mechanical enemies like drones, robots, mechs, and turrets.


Arms Cyberware is an optional choice, though if you want to equip one we recommend Mantis Blades variants as it allows you to leap toward enemies, shortening the distance quickly.

Toxic Mantis Blades deal Chemical Damage with a 10-20% chance of inflicting the enemy with Poison.

MaxTech Mantis Blades are a specialized version obtained from MaxTech Mantis Officers. They have blue blades instead of traditional silver ones and deal Physical Damage with a chance of inflicting the enemy with a Bleed effect.


Bionic Joints simply increases armor and is Technical Ability Attuned which provides even more armor with each upgrade.

Dense Marrow increases melee weapon damage at the cost of melee stamina, which is fairly easy since you won’t be engaging too much in combat when in stealth. It is also Reflexes Attuned which grants Crit Chance per Attribute point.

Titanium Bones increase your carrying capacity by more than 60% at maximum level.

Nervous System

Kerenzikov slows down time if you ADS while dodging, sliding, or dashing. It pairs excellently with Reflexes Attribute and when attuned increases your Crit Chance per point. You can also use it with your Sensory Protocol relic and take out the enemy before making your escape.

Neofiber increases Mitigation Chance and Strength making you more durable. It is also Reflexes Attuned so your Crit Chance goes up.

Atomic Sensors increase your Movement Speed when not in combat based on your enemy’s detection level.

So the closer you are to being spotted, the faster you can move out of their sight. It is Cool Attuned which increases your headshot and weak spot damage per upgrade and also pairs excellently with your Adrenalin Rush perk under Body Attribute.

If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned Cyberware, you can use Stabber instead which increases Crit Chance of throwable and Bladed weapons. It is also Reflexes Attuned so you can focus on your damage with almost guaranteed critical hits.

Integumentary System

Proxishield reduces damage taken if the last enemy is within 6m and also increases Armor. It is great for boss fights and solo-target missions. It is Body Attuned which increases your health per Attribute point

Optical Camo reduces your visibility to enemies and also increases armor. It is Cool Attuned, increasing the duration your Cyberware ability lasts. You can pair Emergency Cloaking Relic with it for maximum utility but it is still great on its own as well.

Subdermal Armor increases your armor and is Technical Ability Attuned which makes you even more tankier. Since there are only a few sources of armor in this build, it is best to get it where you can so you don’t get one shot.

Operating System

Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan can be activated and deactivated on your command. It slows down time by 70% and increases Damage, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage.

If you neutralize an enemy while it’s active, it extends its duration and increases your Health. Additionally, it is Reflexes Attuned which also increases its duration per Attribute point investment.

Militech “Apogee” Sandevistan can be activated and deactivated per your command but it has a short delay when switching.

Upon activation, it slows down time by 85% and increases the Headshot Damage multiplier, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage.

If you neutralize an enemy while it’s active, it greatly extends its duration and increases your Stamina. It is also Reflexes Attuned which extends its activation duration.

We recommend the Militech “Apogee” Sandevistan if you have it because not only it is an upgraded version of the Falcon but was more useful on the battlefield in our experience.


Kiroshi “The Oracle” Optics scans and highlights enemies within a 20m radius for 60 seconds. It also increases the zoom level of your scan by 10 times at the Legendary version. Being Cool Attuned, you can also get an additional boost towards your headshot damage.

Kiroshi “The Clairvoyant” Optics is an upgraded version of The Oracle and also scans and highlights enemies within a 20m radius.

It additionally highlights cameras and turrets in a 40m radius, traps, and explosives near the crosshair within 29m while still boosting your zoom level. It is Body Attuned instead so you get more Health per Attribute upgrade.


Shock Absorber reduces weapon recoil up to 25% and is Cool Attuned.

Immovable Force reduces your weapon recoil by up to 35% and increases bullet speed by 25% as well. It also automatically activates the effects of ranged weapons that otherwise require being behind the cover

Circulatory System

Clutch Padding reduces the Stamina cost of shooting ranged weapons and is Body Attuned.

Blood Pump restores a fixed amount of Health instantly and then regenerates more over the next 6 seconds.

It is Technical Ability Attuned and pairs well with Body perks that can increase its efficacy and Technical Ability perks that can extend its duration. If you are great at dodging, you can almost always not carry any Health items on you.

Black Mamba increases damage against Poisoned enemies at the cost of reducing Poison damage greatly. It is Reflexes Attunded and is a must-use if you are rocking the Toxic Mantis Blades.


Reinforced Tendons increases Armor and allows you to perform Double Jump when equipped. It is Reflexes Attuned so you can also get Crit Chance which is always a welcomed boost.

Alternatively, you can use Lynx Paws that increase Armor and Movement Speed while crouching and the sounds from your movement as well.

It is an excellent pick for full stealth missions and is Cool Attuned so you will be getting some weak point damage increase as well.

The choice of your weapon for Stealth Assassin Build in Cyberpunk 2077 can vary depending on your level and if you have access to Phantom Liberty DLC. We have recommended the best weapons you can use as a silent assassin for both cases so you can choose the one that you prefer.

Phantom Liberty features new weapons that are excellent for a Stealth Assassin build in Cyberpunk 2077.

Overwatch is the only sniper in the game with a silencer and comes pre-equipped with a Kanone MAX scope. It has excellent base damage and range with a 300% Headshot Damage multiplier and 50% Armor Penetration.

Katana is one of the best melee weapons with low Stamina cost, great Damage output, and quick Attack Speed. You can also use any of its variants, Thermal, Electrical, and Chemical for increased elemental damage, with Thermal Katana being one of the best melee weapons in the game.  

Kongou is a reliable Power Pistol designed for dealing Headshots with low Recoil and fast Reload Speed. It also has a 150% Headshot Damage Multiplier and a 10% Crit Chance with Scope and Muzzle Slots.

With Phantom Liberty

If you have the Phantom Liberty DLC, we highly recommend checking out these amazing weapons for your Stealth Assassin build in Cyberpunk 2077.

Rasetsu is a Tech Sniper Rifle that provides excellent damage, quick Attack Speed, extensive range, and amazing Multipliers. It has a 300% Headshot Damage Multiplier and 50% Armor Penetration with a 1.55-second Charge Time, which is fairly quick for others in its category.

Her Majesty is an Iconic Power Pistol with highly accurate shots and excellent front-loaded damage. It has a 150% Headshot Damage Multiplier, a unique silencer, and a Scope Slot. It requires Optical Camo Relic for increased accuracy and guaranteed Crit Shots.

Headhunter is an Iconic Knife with exceptionally high Damage and Attack Speed thanks to it being Lightweight. With low Stamina cost, a 150% Headshot Damage Multiplier, and a 20% Bleeding Chance, you can wipe out your enemies without making a single noise.

How to play the Stealth Assassin Build in Cyberpunk 2077

The Stealth Assassin 2.0 Build in Cyberpunk 2077 focuses on moving in the shadows while quickly erasing any potential threats. Here are a few tips that will help you perfect your build so it comes easily to you like it is second nature.


While moving between places, always crouch to avoid detection and this is where perks like Style Over Substance, Feline Footwork, and Ninjutsu come in handy. They give you movement speed and the required abilities to perform almost all the tasks while crouching.

While going back into hiding, use your Movement Speed buffs to your advantage from Adrenaline Rush perks which grant you immunity windows and resistance to non-damaging effects. This is where Slippery will help make enemies miss their shots so you can return safely and most importantly, alive.


When you engage in combat, always activate your Cyberware beforehand since it will greatly increase your damage so you can one-shot anyone before any alarm is raised.

You should use Emergency Cloaking Relic to disengage combat and fully utilize the Killer Instinct skill set to deal more damage. Its associated perks will increase detection windows so you can use the time to heal using Blood Pump.

Talking about damage, always go for Headshots since all your weapons and most of your perks, Cyberware, and their attunements favor its damage. With maxed-out abilities, you can even take down elites in a matter of seconds.


Use the time-dilating abilities of your Cyberware, especially the Operating System to Slow Down time and then take aim for your Headshots.

This makes aiming easier and also allows you to take out a bunch of enemies quickly, extending the slowed period with each kill. If you get out, use your Optical Camo to return to shadows.

Your survivability on the battlefield is ensured by those Armor Cyberware and Health regen perks. Your Can’t Touch This and Dorph-Head perks will mitigate the damage, prolonging your life so you can tank a few hits till the cooldown of your skills ends.

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